Translation of unexampled in Spanish:


sin precedente, adj.

Pronunciation /ʌnɪɡˈzɑːmp(ə)ld//ʌnɛɡˈzɑːmp(ə)ld//ˌənəɡˈzæmpəld/



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    sin precedente
    • And today, as then, Churchill's next comment is note perfect: ‘Our comradeship and our brotherhood in war were unexampled.’
    • The best portraiture in history was, of course, done in the Low Countries, in an unexampled tradition that continued until the economic eclipse of the Netherlands by England.
    • To paraphrase Trotsky, even in times of unexampled crisis, mad acts like this constitute an unimportant percentage.
    • The food of a nation had perished, and a desolation unexampled in modern times came down upon the land.
    • The catastrophe, though unique in France, was not unexampled further east.