Translation of unexpurgated in Spanish:


sin expurgar, adj.

Pronunciation /ˌənˈɛkspərˌɡeɪdəd//ʌnˈɛkspəɡeɪtɪd/



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    sin expurgar
    • Mr Neil was not amused and declared war, publishing the piece unexpurgated in The Hootsmon.
    • Anyway I have no doubt we will be getting the full unexpurgated edition when we see them in early April.
    • Right now, I'd say there's a rather more persuasive argument for publishing the unexpurgated James Review.
    • What you'll see, if you permit yourself the indulgence, is as unexpurgated a view of the period between 1875 and 1945 as you're ever likely to find on any website, or in any classroom for that matter.
    • The following is an unexpurgated transcript of their conversation.
    • Under the Freedom of Information Act, the Sunday Herald has been given this exclusive, unexpurgated transcript of what happened when Henry met George in Washington last week.
    • After all, the publishers had made a point of printing the book completely unexpurgated, with all the spelling mistakes and grammatical errors retained from the hand-written copy.
    • The recording industry already sells edited songs with sexually explicit lyrics side-by-side with the unexpurgated versions.
    • Here is the entirely unexpurgated version of the ditty.
    • If a book promises to provide a close-up and personal view of war, then unexpurgated oral histories rather than casual third-person narratives are much to be preferred.
    • Lord Irvine will have to console himself that his rival's unexpurgated thoughts were delivered in wartime, so muting attention to his strongest denunciation of a judiciary he deems too powerful.
    • It's easy to see why, reading the unexpurgated version on her very own website.
    • Now, however, Playboy has gone to third base with the announcement that - as of next month - entire unexpurgated issues will be available online for the same price as the print edition.
    • The unexpurgated diaries are even more illuminating and controversial than previously released editions, and should be an invaluable resource for anyone studying World War II.
    • The Bush administration says it improperly altered a report documenting large racial and ethnic disparities in health care, but it will soon publish the full, unexpurgated document.
    • For one it gives you the hits in their original unexpurgated 12 inch versions.
    • The team that put this edition together prides itself on presenting for the first time the unexpurgated text.
    • Readers can find the full, unexpurgated version here.
    • Fans will celebrate the arrival of another unexpurgated package of Benny Hill material.
    • Radio stations across the US are unable to play the unexpurgated version of the song because of its explicit language.