Translation of unfamiliar in Spanish:


desconocido, adj.

Pronunciation /ˌənfəˈmɪljər//ʌnfəˈmɪlɪə/


  • 1

    (face/surroundings) desconocido
    (surroundings/face) nuevo
    the name is unfamiliar to me el nombre me resulta desconocido / no me es familiar
    • Perhaps it is comforting to us to believe that such awful inhumanity is occurring in a land unfamiliar to us.
    • The long, sharp-edged yellow and red curves of the buds were unfamiliar to me.
    • In fact since I've been a father that kind of thing has become so unfamiliar to me that a trip to the salon is a positively intoxicating experience.
    • He looked around and caught sight of an unfamiliar shine behind the building.
    • If the name is unfamiliar to you perhaps his childhood nickname, Mundy, will jog your memory.
    • It wasn't as if he was speaking Gaelic, his first language, simply that his Lewis lilt was unfamiliar to the point of incomprehension.
    • He sang three songs which were all unfamiliar to the audience.
    • The exam questions had been set in Britain and a number were quite unfamiliar to what the students had been learning in school.
    • The unfamiliar sight of these flimsy crowded vessels shocked Australian audiences and awakened old fears of the yellow hordes.
    • In media, humans are not known to associate well with aliens or strange beings that seem unfamiliar to them.
    • The success of the riders was particularly significant given the fact that they had to compete on a horse unfamiliar to each of them.
    • She smiled at him, a smile that was unfamiliar, unusual, almost predatory.
    • People looked up at a city normally blazing with light and enjoyed the unfamiliar experience of being able to see the stars in the sky.
    • Listeners unfamiliar to a sort of indie sound, would think that the band was only rehearsing.
    • His name is probably unfamiliar to most Indonesians because he lived during the Dutch colonial times.
    • The seasons, frighteningly unfamiliar to your average cook, are second nature to Susan and Margaret.
    • Until Saturday the crew of Columbia were unfamiliar to most of us.
    • As the hall emptied, the unfamiliar sight of raindrops falling on Morawa was seen.
    • It's like walking into a different time, the place is so unfamiliar.
    • Being a teenager in Israel brings with it a reality unfamiliar to many adolescents in other countries.
    • There is no suggestion that there was anything unusual or unfamiliar about that.
    • She looks forward to immersing herself in the life's work of many an author unfamiliar to her, and plans to read prodigiously.
    • It will depend on the ability of Canberra bureaucrats to come to terms with problems that are totally unfamiliar to them.
    • Some of these names may be unfamiliar to you, and I'll explain why they deserve inclusion.
    • Many of the newly coined words have their roots in Latin, a language unfamiliar to Bulgarian children.
    • In trying to fill that gap, Becca lands herself and her family in a situation that won't be entirely unfamiliar to many readers.
    • Then she crackled her knuckles and darted out into the Meadow, where she was greeted with an unfamiliar sight.
    • The ubiquitous house sparrow may soon become an unfamiliar sight in the region the RSPB has warned.
    • He gulped, looking up at this new and unfamiliar sight, slowly growing frightened at what it could mean.
    • But at the same time the moods are unfamiliar to that setting and context.
    • Divorced men adopt different strategies to deal with this unfamiliar world.
    • The train arrived and left on time, and ploughed through Essex and out into Suffolk at speeds unfamiliar to us weekday travellers.
  • 2

    I'm unfamiliar with his work no estoy muy familiarizado con su obra
    • we're not unfamiliar with this type of situation tenemos experiencia de este tipo de situación