Translation of unfasten in Spanish:


desabrochar, v.

Pronunciation /ˌənˈfæs(ə)n//ʌnˈfɑːs(ə)n/

transitive verb

  • 1

    (seat belt/button/jacket) desabrochar
    (latch) descorrer
    (door) abrir
    (knot) deshacer
    (knot) desatar
    • Because the fabric's material fastens and unfastens so easily, Ray can move the bands any time they look like they need repositioning.
    • Jenna unfastened the lock on her makeup case and flipped it open.
    • The band unfastened with a snap and a pop, then blood flowed back into her arm.
    • She shakily unfastened her seat belt and opened the car door.
    • He dropped his cap on a chair, unbuttoned his overcoat, lifting up his chin to unfasten the throat buttons.
    • Satisfied that I was safe for the time being I tried to unfasten the door again.
    • Lincoln tapped her feet and rubbed a handful of nibbled fingernails up and down her jacket as if fastening and unfastening a zip.
    • He closed the door again and unfastened the chains, opening the door again, all the way this time.
    • If the patch unfastens, it becomes a loose body in the knee and requires surgical removal.
    • Vincent ignored her, unfastening his seatbelt and opening his door.
    • Steve could heard the sound of many, many locks being unfastened, then the door opened a crack.
    • She nodded and unfastened her seat belt as Wil came around to open the door for her.
    • Allsop unfastened the chain and threw the door open.
    • It unfastened my uniform top and tugged it open.
    • Walker sat up, unfastened his strap, and opened his door.
    • Keeping his eyes on the open glade, he carefully unfastened the packsack and slipped out the revolver.
    • I slowly removed my earphones, secured my book, and unfastened my seatbelt.
    • Jack unfastened the lock and shoved the door open, much to Vaun's horror.
    • I unfastened my belt buckle and unbuttoned my camouflage pants.
    • I hit the door hard, unfastening my seat belt and reaching for the handle behind me.
    • Without a word he reached to his side and untied another tarp bag, unfastening it but leaving it unopened on the desk in front of him.
    • With a silent sigh to himself, he unfastened the helmet and removed it altogether.
    • I heard the door lock being unfastened and the door opened.