Translation of unfazed in Spanish:


Pronunciation /ʌnˈfeɪzd//ˌənˈfeɪzd/



  • 1

    they were totally unfazed ni siquiera se inmutaron
    • she was unfazed by the heckling ni se inmutó cuando la interrumpieron
    • Yeah, I had a chat with him afterwards and he seemed quite unfazed.
    • The reporters sound stressed, the anchors sombre but unfazed.
    • The young pair munch into burgers and chat away like good friends, unfazed by their on-screen familial conflict.
    • The soldier, who returned home to Fulford yesterday from Iraq, was unfazed at the prospect of being woken up at night by her crying.
    • When she returned to the Isle of Wight to tell her parents that she would be leaving home and school to become a West End actress, they were unfazed.
    • He is unfazed by the prospect of a new and innovative competitor on Scottish Provident's patch.
    • As I know from my time spent in the Middle East, Palestinians are unfazed by the likely change in power this election will bring.
    • Because Hannah has grown up in it she's used to seeing herself on TV and she's quite unfazed by it all, but I still find it exciting.
    • He is unfazed by the arrival of one of the world's richest men.
    • He's a good listener, open-minded and completely unfazed by her supreme competence.
    • A roe deer nibbles the heather shoots, unfazed by our passing.
    • Meanwhile, MacLeod will remain unfazed by such compliments while continuing his ascent to the sport's summit.
    • My host was unfazed and, before we left, to their delight and disbelief, he presented each of them with a million-dollar note.
    • One of these gentlemen just happens to be the madwoman's father, a charming chap who seems unfazed by most things in this day and age.
    • She was unfazed by the prospect of any problems between her and current town councillors.
    • Passengers at Scotland's busiest airport are set to become the most unfazed and laid-back in Britain.
    • However, at visiting time relatives descended upon the hospital as usual, apparently unfazed by the outbreak.
    • Restoring such a vast shell of a castle would prove far too daunting for many property developers, but Browne was unfazed.
    • Burt is unfazed by the payment of such sums, pointing to America where rewards are commensurate with profits earned.
    • We are, of course, assured by White House aides that President Bush is totally unfazed by all the current concern and doubt in the press.