Translation of unfeasible in Spanish:


inviable, adj.

Pronunciation /ˌənˈfizəb(ə)l//ʌnˈfiːzɪb(ə)l/


  • 1

    no viable
    • Rather than raise the economic level of the poor to that of the rich - which they regard as unfeasible and undesirable - their goal is to curb the consumption of those living in the industrialised nations.
    • This was a few years ago, so I have no idea who ran the establishment then, but they spent an unfeasible amount of time arguing among themselves and with the customers.
    • It's all here - ridiculous sound effects, frankly unfeasible flying leaps, slow motion sequences.
    • It's easy to visualise mountains of paperwork, bustling assistants and urgent phone calls from New York and Tokyo, but it seems unfeasible that any of it could ruffle this lady's feathers.
    • As a brattish youngster, I remember the unfeasible joy gained from making every payphone in a five mile radius ring simultaneously.
    • He said there was an identified need and retailers had already expressed an interest in the site, because it was unfeasible to put large-scale retail development in the town centre.
    • That the islands are still an agreeable place to live is not in doubt, despite US claims that resettlement is unfeasible.
    • The pair go into the first Test in Kingston on Thursday with the chance of being part of a winning England touring side in the Caribbean - it is certainly not unfeasible and both can have a big part to play.
    • But after months of debate, Rochdale Township committee ruled on Wednesday that moving the bronze statue was unfeasible because it could be damaged.
    • Parish councillors today said the alternative uses were always unfeasible and the village needed a working bus station.
    • It might be tempting fate, since in recent years, every idea I've had has either been unfeasible or has stalled irrevocably!
    • Then we went to the pub and drunk an incredibly unfeasible amount of Guinness each.
    • Some plans are unfeasible or impossible and people don't realize it until after they take office and understand the situation better or until they try it and fail.
    • But was it really necessary for him to push his body to such unfeasible limits before the general public would put their hands in their pockets?
    • It was actually really just a good thriller; the sci-fi trappings were entirely needless and pretty unfeasible.
    • The surviving corvids are continuing to hammer on the upstairs windows at unfeasible hours of the morning, so as far as I am concerned, the more of them the boys managed to shoot, the better.
    • She claimed the plans were unfeasible and said they would undermine the Government's previous efforts in promoting national museums.
    • Will is someone who has come into an unfeasible amount of money, and whose hand will come to ache from writing his signature on traveller's cheques.
    • Often these ideals take the form of ridiculously unfeasible forms with unhealthily exaggerated hourglass figures.
    • It was one of those magical moments of travel - a sudden, unexpected and entirely irrational feeling of elation, an unfeasible optimism.