Translation of unfettered in Spanish:


sin límites, adj.

Pronunciation /ənˈfɛdərd//ʌnˈfɛtəd/



  • 1

    (creativity/fantasies) sin límites
    (fantasies/creativity) sin restricciones
    unfettered by the constraints of … libre de las restricciones / trabas de …
    • Papua solidarity groups typically rely on voluntary support to promote the cause of Papuan self-determination and are often unfettered by institutional affiliations.
    • Even today only the rarest company can claim unfettered independence.
    • Slesser numbered himself among the last generation to be unfettered by political correctness.
    • The Department cannot have an unfettered discretion to operate it in whatever way it chooses.
    • We have rejected the calls of a few extreme voices that wanted to see the Resource Management Act ripped apart for the sake of unfettered development.
    • They were convinced that autonomy meant unfettered creativity.
    • Now, for better or worse, the internet provides an unfettered outlet for twisted imaginations everywhere.
    • He is a man in the know, whose voice is now unfettered.
    • Be sure that news reporters and your attorneys have unfettered access to these training sessions, including preparatory meetings.
    • The imposed settlement also gave the province's health boards the unfettered right to contract out the hospital workers' jobs.
    • Public health policy should be based on a thorough and critical review of the scientific evidence by open minds unfettered by custom and dogma.
    • The deployment of foreign inspectors at Rafah would have given Palestinians relatively unfettered access to the world for the first time in decades.
    • Chenault expects to sacrifice some of his margins to grasp the opportunity presented by unfettered competition.
    • Free and unfettered, the press can shut people out, ignore their views, or unfairly constrict debate.
    • Martin Luther King Jr. was the major leader of the civil rights movement in the Untied States, not an unfettered Roman Catholic cleric.
    • In accepting the resolution, Iraq accepted full and unfettered inspections.
    • Merely opening up the floorplate and providing unfettered opportunities to communicate, however, actually placed too much focus on interaction.
    • Guns, however, remain unfettered, which suggests that they benefit from, rather than protect against, the destruction of other liberties.
    • The credit-card industry may get help from an unexpected quarter: Bank regulators are hinting that they won't allow the home equity binge to continue unfettered.
    • I should have the right to litigate the matter of consent to adoption freely, unfettered in any way by the Family Court or its decisions.