Translation of unflagging in Spanish:


inagotable, adj.

Pronunciation /ˌənˈflæɡɪŋ//ʌnˈflaɡɪŋ/


  • 1

    (energy/enthusiasm) inagotable
    (support) constante
    (interest) sostenido
    • ‘Your unflagging enthusiasm and hard work has ensured that each one of the events and projects you have been involved in has been a success and will be remembered for many years to come,’ he said.
    • In short, Brooks argues that Americans' unflagging belief that they are rich leads them to support tax cut plans that favor the rich.
    • Readers will be especially impressed by the Burgesses' unflagging commitment to the struggle for justice.
    • Meanwhile, his unflagging aggression in debate, almost four decades after he first stood for Parliament in an ‘unwinnable’ Liverpool seat, is the phenomenon of the current Westminster scene.
    • The sheer glee with which Schoeffler attacks these issues, and his unflagging commitment, make him a formidable adversary.
    • As Dean has shown, the best way for an outsider to prove his readiness for prime-time politics is to run for the White House with unflagging determination.
    • Yet in spite of her age, her enthusiasm was unflagging, for she exclaimed in a postscript that she would be wearing her best new dress and her best new hat!
    • She left the portals of decision-making long ago, and has been at it now for sometime with a remarkably undiminished enthusiasm and an equally unflagging intellectual curiosity.
    • If that situation is to change, physicists must have an unflagging commitment to education.
    • I walk on, my determination unflagging to make it before the clock strikes 6.
    • With goggle-eyed disbelief, we follow the exploits of this audacious free-spirit, gifted with the ability of unflagging self-invention.
    • Again, thank you all for the encouragement, the flattering reviews, and your unbeatable, unflagging enthusiasm.
    • His exuberance and unflagging talents were duly noted by West Indies selectors and it wasn't long before he became a member of the West Indies under-19 team.
    • Both Lincoln and Roosevelt were brilliant wartime leaders precisely because they were able to overcome adversity and inspire the country toward ultimate victory with their unflagging will to win.
    • Ireland's artisans delighted us with their heart, their stamina and their unflagging will to win - they fully deserved in the end to beat Spain's artistas, but were denied.
    • But after a couple of days of thinking about it and seeing the club's unflagging commitment to Hillenbrand, Valentin agreed.
    • This was a challenge that Newton took up with unflagging enthusiasm for the last fifty-five years of his life.
    • The film, I suppose, deserves some marks for the unflagging manner in which this slapstick is played, but I'm afraid there were times when I thought it was just plain daft, rather than funny.
    • It takes a generous mix of humor, bravado, and unflagging optimism for Krauss to persist in the task he's given himself.
    • It remains as a monument to our leader's moral clarity and unflagging resolution.