Translation of unfledged in Spanish:


implume, adj.

Pronunciation /ˌənˈflɛdʒd//ʌnˈflɛdʒd/


  • 1

    (bird) implume
    (artist) novel
    (artist) bisoño
    (youth) imberbe
    • After the young had fledged, we sieved the nests contents to look for unfledged young.
    • His observations revealed that Foula's sheep target unfledged Arctic terns.
    • Paul will be responsible for all in-house comedy and entertainment programmes on BBC national radio, from established favourites such as Just A Minute to developing the talents of unfledged performers and writers.
    • I first detected an unfledged Sandhill Crane chick, with two adults, on 5 July 2000.
    • The satire of Circumstance is another of Hardy's wry puttings-down of Authority, with unfledged children as the instruments of execution.
    • And now they both broke down and sobbed aloud without a pause, like birds bereaved, like the sea eagle or taloned vulture, when villages have robbed the nests of their unfledged young.
    • In my own discipline, chemistry, I see lecture classes of several hundreds, followed by smaller laboratory sections taught by unfledged graduate assistants.