Translation of unformed in Spanish:


informe, adj.

Pronunciation /ˌənˈfɔrmd//ʌnˈfɔːmd/


  • 1

    (mass) informe
    (mass) amorfo
    (plan/idea) no madurado
    (personality) no formado
    • At whatever cost this information is made available to its potential users, it arrives unformed and unexperienced.
    • In the image the distance remains vague and unformed, in contrast to the foreground where a new town has sprung into existence, impelled into life by the railroad.
    • This understanding is as yet embryonic, unformed, nowhere near as solidly defined as citizenship was in the very recent past.
    • An egg contains water within its beautiful smooth surface; and an unformed mass, by the incubation of the parent, becomes a regular animal, furnished with bones and sinews, and covered with feathers.
    • Somewhere too, at the very back of his mind, will be the unformed idea that surely - if she does find herself in trouble - Hetty will know some old woman somewhere who will help her get rid of the unwanted thing.
    • Embryology then unfolds as the realization of an initially unformed but completely self-contained potential.
    • The former spy has little experience at the senior government level and his policy ideas remain largely unformed, or least unstated.
    • Scans showed she was tiny and that her left hand was unformed.
    • Madeleine may appear to be a walking, talking example of Carnaby Street cool, but she's really an unformed youth at heart.
    • Embryonic, perhaps, and unformed in many ways, but its depths were black like the deepest velvet.
    • It is one of those places that you should go to, simply because it will get better with patronage - it has potential, although it's still unformed.
    • While his energy is to be lauded, Avila's presentation consisted solely of a seemingly endless rambling account of unformed tales, hastily thrown together with little connection.
    • ‘I had a lot of unformed jokes in my head, and the more confident I got, the more I had the ability to just tie them all in,’ says Clarke.
    • A breastfed baby's stools should be frequent, greenish, inoffensively fragrant, loose, and unformed.
    • Years ago Friedman was on one of the Sunday morning TV news shows, and I always thought there was an air of contrivance about him, something unformed, immature.
    • But then maybe I only think that because I believe they'd be benign and unformed stirrings, augmenting my life and not upheaving it.
    • It seems mean to point it out, to pick apart ideas so embryonic and unformed.
    • Plans for this time at home are mostly unformed.
    • The album is structured as one song split over two sides, a 40 minute conglomeration of what sounds like a dozen smaller, unformed ideas.
    • Symptoms of yang deficiency include feeling cold, feeling fatigued and having unformed stools.
    • Because infants and toddlers normally can have three or more loose stools, an alternate definition of diarrhea in this age group is a twofold increase in the frequency of unformed stool.
    • The facade looks promising, but the interior is strangely unformed.
    • He is only a first time filmmaker, after all, and anyone familiar with his history as a video director knows he is unformed and developing.
    • I often feel like many aspects of my personality remain child-like and unformed, while in other areas I feel a wisdom that belies my age - possible naive musings, but questions that puzzle me on occasion.