Translation of unfruitful in Spanish:


infructuoso, adj.

Pronunciation: /ʌnˈfruːtfʊl//ˌənˈfrutfəl//ʌnˈfruːtf(ə)l/


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    (attempt/meeting/talks) infructuoso
    (talks/attempt/meeting) poco fructífero
    • The stretch of District Line between Southfields and East Putney station has had long-standing problems with graffiti, but previous approaches to London Underground have proved unfruitful.
    • Since my feeble attempt at fiction is so unfruitful and unliked, I guess I shall not continue the story to bore you guys.
    • Joe managed to keep himself from making another unfruitful plead.
    • But tomorrow would prove to be just as unfruitful.
    • This is all supposition, as no one knows what Novak told the investigators, but it is supposition that manages to tie together the mysteries of Fitzgerald's long and seemingly unfruitful investigation.
    • It had received just one serious but unfruitful expression of interest.
    • Not just the memorization, but the literary culture at the heart of the exercise, was, they claimed, sterile and unfruitful, and promoted a culture of servility harmful to the free creative play of the mind.
    • Advisable though it may be to seek help from any qualified health practitioner, time restrictions and a lack of understanding on the part of GPs means that a trip to the local doctor is generally unfruitful.
    • Her time at the Manhattan School of Music was similarly unfruitful, and she quit.
    • In the past, time has been wasted on unfruitful bickering at the expense of development.
    • This has led to some unfruitful lines of inquiry, but as the investigation is ongoing it is not possible to comment further on specific cases.
    • Walsh, after a somewhat unfruitful first half at full forward, used his strength and pace in midfield to carry the ball into the Laois half, relieving pressure when Laois looked like getting on top.
    • So far, efforts to combat corruption have been unfruitful due to the lack of political will, loopholes in existing laws and regulations and corrupt judicial officers.
    • Here, a heading had been driven into the hill side in an unfruitful attempt to extract lead.
    • It's been about cutting away unfruitful frustration and anger.
    • A desperate scramble to find sponsors proved unfruitful so the organiser has reluctantly pulled the plug.
    • His first return to Elland Road in two years was a bitter and unfruitful affair.
    • A minute earlier, Duffield had wowed the crowd with an acrobatic but unfruitful overhead kick, as City ended a dull 20-minute spell with a much-needed spot of goalmouth action.
    • What appealed to me about the approach was that it purportedly negated a number of things that I had been finding problematic and unfruitful anyway.
    • However, another controversial incident leading to a successful short corner strike for Stockton ten minutes from time gave the visitors the last word, with York's late pressure proving unfruitful.
    • It was an ugly, unfruitful thing, in comparison to the delicate, well-kept gardens of other Mayfair houses.
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