Translation of unglamorous in Spanish:


sin glamour, adj.

Pronunciation /ʌnˈɡlam(ə)rəs//ˌənˈɡlæm(ə)rəs/


  • 1

    (person/image) sin glamour
    it was an unglamorous job era un trabajo que no estaba rodeado de glamour
    • In contrast to the romantic dreams of heady cup successes, these are crucial league points in the ongoing and often unglamorous business of defining our league status.
    • Twickenham had been muted and unglamorous all day, and yet a rather tepid presentation ceremony for the Cook Cup could not mask England's satisfaction.
    • But another problem has been a chronic shortage of permanent staff in an unglamorous field of nursing, which has led to the use of agency nurses.
    • It also enjoys great support from an army of volunteers who help out throughout the year, doing a variety of unglamorous tasks such as mail-outs.
    • She described her look for the film as ‘completely unglamorous, almost no make-up, bit of a dumpy potato’.
    • Their ministerial responsibilities, however unglamorous, matter to thousands of people, as the family credit fiasco showed.
    • I also want them to see how unglamorous the process is.
    • There is a very unglamorous fridge, stuffed with browning apples, cheap champagne and bottles of Evian water, a box of tissues and seven rather grubby spoons.
    • Her unglamorous look was her stock-in-trade while her professional skills always kept her in high demand on stage, film, radio and television.
    • The temptation to sneer at unglamorous backwaters - and few of us can resist firing cheap shots at towns like Grimsby - seems to be overwhelming.
    • Their activity is often unglamorous and rarely acknowledged.
    • Which is especially unglamorous for me as I grew up about 10 miles away from there and it was the nearest big town, so I know everything there is to know about it.
    • She has built a remarkable career on roles that are often decidedly unglamorous, yet always eye-catching and compellingly real.
    • It was seen as a shockingly unglamorous approach at a time when fashion, still very much about class, was shown on impossibly aloof models in carefully posed, static shots.
    • Like housework, it's a thankless and unglamorous job.
    • But that takes unglamorous hard and dedicated work.
    • According to Myles, such a supertrack is the only way to make greyhound racing seem remotely interesting to a population which sees it as outdated and unglamorous.
    • Just as importantly, their film of his life sets out to put on screen an unglamorous, ‘ordinary’ protagonist.
    • Their task has been consistent and unglamorous: encourage learning up to a prescribed level and foster social discipline.
    • Yet it's often these realistic, unglamorous details which give his women their grace, their vitality, their uncensored sensuality.