Translation of ungrounded in Spanish:


sin fundamento, adj.

Pronunciation /ʌnˈɡraʊndɪd//ˌənˈɡraʊndəd/


  • 1

    (fear/suspicion) sin fundamento
    • Although some patients cite potential addiction as a reason for rejecting painkillers, Jamison says such fears are ungrounded.
    • He then proceeded, with carefully chosen facts and figures, to argue quite persuasively that all of these fears are ungrounded.
    • The exclamation mark suggests her fear is ungrounded, but the grandfather's answer is emphatic and direct.
    • This proposed model for understanding the evolution of feathers is rife with ungrounded assumptions and unsupported conclusions.
    • However similar fears before the introduction of the current tuition fee proved ungrounded.
    • As he has recently shown, the planters' fears were ungrounded.
    • At a meeting on July 11 the Government analysed in detail the Russian position and reached the decision that it was ungrounded and with no legal or factual basis.
    • ‘We think the petition is ungrounded because we have done nothing different than what has been done in the previous few years,’ he said.
    • Fair enough; ungrounded rhetoric does little good.
    • These ungrounded rumors wildly combine incongruous prejudices and fears that seem to have no source but are always a repetition of someone else's repetition.
    • Such ‘laws’ appear ungrounded on any principle or necessity.
    • But the assertion is ungrounded, and just plain silly.
    • ‘The scientific claims that they make to justify discouraging the treatment are ungrounded,’ he adds.
    • So the Minister can certainly take a call and take an opportunity of satisfying me that my fears are ungrounded.
    • Nothing is truly comparable to this Russian holiday based on unfounded expectations and ungrounded hopes culminating in one night of absolute happiness.
    • We can let all the other imprecise statements and ungrounded assertions go, but you should at least try to address these points.
    • The idea the liberals lack morals and are the cause of the breakdown of civilization is factually and historically ungrounded.
    • All of these worries may, of course, be totally ungrounded.
    • Questioning doctrine and the trappings of religion doesn't mean that Jones' work should be read as sacrilegious or spiritually ungrounded.
    • Unfortunately, the people on the other side of the fight are often those who build their case on third-hand information and ungrounded fears.
  • 2

    sin toma de tierra
  • 3ungrounded in

    (not instructed in)
    he is ungrounded in mathematics no tiene base en matemáticas