Translation of unhappy in Spanish:


infeliz, adj.

Pronunciation /ʌnˈhapi//ˌənˈhæpi/

adjectiveunhappier, unhappiest

  • 1

    • 1.1(sad)

      (childhood) infeliz
      (childhood) (stronger) desgraciado
      (childhood) (stronger) desdichado
      it has an unhappy ending termina mal
      • he had an unhappy marriage no fue feliz en su matrimonio
      • There are things external to us and internal to us that makes us happy or unhappy.
      • If all they've done is suffer an unhappy marriage, we should leave them to their marital misery.
      • One in five people actually say they are depressed or unhappy, and report high levels of stress.
      • This book also reminds parents of the impact of divorce or an unhappy marriage on children.
      • I have been fortunate enough to have had more happy hours than unhappy ones.
      • We had one girl in who hates hospitals and was so unhappy and sullen when she arrived.
      • After all, in blogging all families are happy and unhappy in precisely the same way.
      • Let us assume one child is reasonably happy, well adjusted and the other is unhappy.
      • Bibliotherapy is making a lot of people rich, but it is making unhappy people happier?
      • He's deeply, deeply unhappy, and he couldn't see himself being happy at the end.
      • He never told me he was unhappy in his marriage and I never got that impression.
      • The only difference is that at Christmas we are more aware of how happy or unhappy we are.
      • Her motto hasn't made her happy, but she's never made herself unhappy by being untrue to herself.
      • An unhappy and frustrated mother is going to lead to a miserable child.
      • A young man looks back over his unhappy marriage and struggles to come to terms with his wife's suicide.
      • He tells her that he is desperately unhappy and that his marriage is over.
      • Williams is to play an unhappy housewife who decides a lobotomy will cure her depression.
      • I was still unhappy, at times mildly depressed, and on top of that I was getting angry on a regular basis.
      • I realised that it took much to make her happy but she could become unhappy in a fraction of a second.
      • She responded by encouraging Eliza to leave her unhappy marriage and her new baby.

    • 1.2(worried)

      to be unhappy about sth
      • I was unhappy about the children being left alone me preocupaba / inquietaba que los niños se quedaran solos
      • I'm unhappy about sneaking away like this no me gusta esto de escabullirme así
      • He later urged people to write to him or the courts if they are unhappy with the sentencing of criminals.
      • I guess I should have added that if you're unhappy with a link, then just mail me and I'll take it off here!
      • It's not that I'm unhappy about the situation, but it does feel a wee bit overwhelming sometimes.
      • I'm still very unhappy about the situation and I'm making more of an effort to find a new job.
      • There was no falling out but I was annoyed and very unhappy with the situation.
      • I am very unhappy with him, because I don't think he is always being honest about his motives.
      • The teachers were unhappy about the situation and shared the unease of parents in relation to the matter.
      • Local activists are very, very unhappy at the way his situation has been handled.
      • Wellington himself became increasingly tired, irritable and unhappy with his situation.
      • They were unhappy with Roberts' decision and the methods that he used to shut down the paper.
      • The fact that so many women are unhappy with their bodies is evidence that the strategy of the beauty industry has worked.
      • This is the icing on a cake of me being increasingly unhappy with my career.
      • If youngsters are unhappy with the state of the country, they have only themselves to blame.
      • A similar number were unhappy with their bosses and the way their companies operated.
      • The Asian and African churches who needed the support were unhappy with this attitude.
      • Demand the right to terminate your contract at short notice if you are unhappy with the agency's performance.
      • Doctors were unhappy with her condition and induced her, but did not expect the baby to arrive until Boxing Day.
      • He has been unhappy with criticism of his decision not to return to Washington immediately after the attack.
      • I had no indication that people were unhappy with the method of consultation and I must apologise for it.
      • You may want to change network if you are unhappy with the service, or if most of your friends and family are on another network.

    • 1.3(discontented)

      if you're unhappy here, why don't you leave? si no estás contento / si estás descontento aquí ¿por qué no te vas?
      • to be unhappy about sth no estar contento con algo
      • to be unhappy with sth/sb no estar contento con algo/algn

  • 2

    • 2.1(inopportune)

      (remark) desafortunado
      (remark) poco feliz
      (remark) inoportuno
      (moment) inoportuno
      (decision) desafortunado
      (decision) poco feliz
      (decision) desacertado
      • At this point it has been a mixture of some vision and some happy and unhappy accidents.

    • 2.2(unfortunate)

      (coincidence/day) desafortunado
      (day/coincidence) desventurado literary