Translation of unhealthy in Spanish:


de mala salud, adj.

Pronunciation /ˌənˈhɛlθi//ʌnˈhɛlθi/

adjectiveunhealthier, unhealthiest

  • 1

    (person) de mala salud
    (pallor) enfermizo
    (conditions/climate) poco saludable
    (conditions/climate) insalubre
    (conditions/climate) malsano
    (food) malo para la salud
    the engine sounds rather unhealthy el motor hace un ruido feo
    • Men don't usually worry about diets or unhealthy lifestyles until they find themselves facing a health problem.
    • But probably the most dangerously unhealthy practice in sport is the use of performance enhancing drugs.
    • They are forced to work under dangerous and unhealthy conditions, often for months without days off, according to a city report.
    • Towns were becoming more unhealthy, poisoning themselves with their own human, animal, and industrial wastes.
    • The lesson I learned that day: Obesity can be a dangerous and unhealthy condition.
    • If fat is unhealthy, but diets don't work, what then are you suggesting?
    • This contributes to stress-induced health conditions and unhealthy living patterns.
    • On the other hand, many sour and bitter foods were either unhealthy or poisonous for early humans.
    • And it could become more of a problem in Asia as unhealthy elements in Western diets are adopted.
    • Sweating off the pounds can be an unhealthy, even dangerous and potentially fatal way to lighten your load.
    • This is unsightly, unhygienic and, given the present climate of contagious illness, positively unhealthy.
    • Home-grown food improves the diet and bypasses many unhealthy aspects of production and distribution.
    • Fever should not be regarded as a dangerous or unhealthy process in the body.
    • Prisoners of war interned in unhealthy areas, or where the climate is injurious for them, shall be removed as soon as possible to a more favourable climate.
    • Studies show that static seating is dangerous and unhealthy.
    • The average UK diet contains unhealthy levels of saturated fats, with dairy products being the main source of the problem.
    • How about all the lives lost through unhealthy and dangerous working conditions, for which no compensation was ever awarded to the victims?
    • We could try to regulate every aspect of the lives of everyone, so that all unhealthy or risky practices were eliminated.
    • How can we be healthy in a holistic way, if we are deprived this view of ourselves or if we only see ourselves portrayed as damaged and unhealthy?
    • I actually have a really unhealthy diet that ought to make me gain weight, but it doesn't.
    • In the winter, the place will still be drafty, cold, and dangerously unhealthy.
    • There is some evidence to suggest that obesity and an unhealthy diet may also increase the risk of cancers such colorectal cancer.
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    (interest/curiosity/obsession) malsano
    (interest/curiosity/obsession) morboso
    • This concern is associated with an increased risk of women engaging in unhealthy eating behaviours.
    • Either way, I would not want to fall into the unhealthy mindset of the programme which encouraged viewers to judge the wives on their successes and failures.
    • Information is provided that warns of the severity and likelihood of consequences of unhealthy behaviours.
    • Is our current food obsession unhealthy, a sign of decadence even?
    • Others would argue, of course, that Dawn and her husband are contributing to our society's already unhealthy attitude toward women.
    • While she didn't have a problem with alcohol, she admits she had an unhealthy attitude to eating for a while.
    • Peer education is considered an effective way to change youth attitudes and unhealthy life patterns.
    • The law alone cannot change this unhealthy attitude.
    • That's the kind of thing that probably causes ulcers, and as such probably also foments very unhealthy attitudes.
    • And besides, having such an unhealthy attitude does one no good at all.
    • We know that, where people feel good about themselves and about their environment, they are less likely to indulge in unhealthy behaviour.
    • Stereotypes should be challenged and unhealthy attitudes towards relationships with women revised.
    • I would call it an unhealthy obsession, except I have too many of my own.
    • In our study, heightened stress showed typical associations with unhealthy behaviour.
    • And here lies his evolutionary explanation of unhealthy behaviour.
    • Only about a quarter of the effect is likely to have been due to unhealthy behaviour, such as smoking.
    • I used to worry that this was unhealthy, obsessive behaviour and speculated frequently about its causes.
    • By making us aware of the origins of our unhealthy behaviour, psychoanalysis helps us to adapt to external reality.
    • Besides, this is an unhealthy outlook on consumer fashion.
    • However, don't take this attitude to an unhealthy extreme; everything you most want to believe is not automatically wrong.
  • 3informal

    feo informal
    things got pretty unhealthy las cosas se pusieron feas informal