Translation of unheated in Spanish:


no climatizada, adj.

Pronunciation /ʌnˈhiːtɪd//ˌənˈhidəd/


  • 1

    (swimming pool) no climatizada
    (swimming pool) no temperada Chile
    (room) no calefaccionado
    • The kitchen, which was on the north side of the house and cool even in the summer months, was therefore virtually unheated.
    • Finally, there was the coup de grace: the cold shower in the unheated bathroom.
    • Pot them on instead and grow them for a few more weeks in a sunny, sheltered part of the garden or cold frame or unheated greenhouse before planting out.
    • An unheated basement or cool, ventilated crawl space is often the most convenient.
    • The dancers shared a lodge complete with a heated pool, an unheated pool, a hot tub and a misty lake.
    • The difference between the temperatures of the eggs in the unheated and heated nests was calculated hourly over a 24-h period.
    • A cool position is the secret of success with cyclamen and a north-facing windowsill, a cool porch or an unheated conservatory would be ideal.
    • Pressing the unheated tool, the heated sheeting, and a substrate together results in cutting and edge sealing of the heated sheeting.
    • Sow seeds of herbaceous perennials and alpine plants in a cold frame or unheated greenhouse.
    • Ducts that leak heated air into unheated spaces can add hundreds of dollars a year to your heating and cooling bills.
    • The Prince of Wales shivered in the chill of an unheated theatre yesterday as he launched a campaign to help one million children to become involved in the arts over the next five years.
    • But how many grown-ups would trek out here at night in the cold, to an unheated, filthy Dome?
    • It's the end of October, the unheated flat is bitterly cold and everyone just wants it all to be over.
    • Blisters may occur in both heated and unheated buildings.
    • Qualitatively, no difference was observed in the cytotoxicity of unheated, heated and ultra filtered culture supernatants of isolates.
    • I felt it had to be brought to the public's attention when last week, in bitterly cold weather, the players went into unheated shower rooms with only freezing cold water to shower in.
    • Like their counterparts serving at the front, they lived in poorly heated or unheated tents with only the barest of essentials.
    • At that point the sun suddenly disappeared behind some clouds and it got very chilly inside the unheated room.
    • I think it's just been too cold at times in the unheated, uninsulated shed, and many of the shoots from the spuds have withered, and other tubers show signs of rot.
    • It is much safer to start them in boxes or pots in unheated greenhouses, in a cold frame or even a sunny windowsill in the garage.