Translation of unheeded in Spanish:


Pronunciation /ʌnˈhiːdɪd//ˌənˈhidəd/


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    her advice went unheeded hicieron caso omiso de sus consejos
    • It aims to represent people such as the million or so anti-war protesters who took to the streets of London a year ago and who felt their voices went unheeded by the politicians.
    • Worried doctors at the British Medical Association have urged TV dramas to help spread the word - a call which has not gone unheeded.
    • The suggestion appears to have gone unheeded by the travel industry, who continue to offer discount deals and free child places during school terms.
    • Today, of course, her £6 is in the national coffers, her pleas for clemency unheeded by heartless tax inspectors.
    • Parents and staff have also collected more than 700 names on another petition after concerns raised in the last public consultation went unheeded.
    • However, the warning went unheeded by City as they were undone by Kanouté's explosive finish, and the margin of defeat should then have been greater.
    • It found that 90 childcare referrals were left unheeded for months, despite the serious nature of many allegations.
    • It's a shame, given Langer's incredibly accurate prophesies of 1943, that the report went unheeded.
    • She said her mother-in-law's requests to have the dressing on her foot changed went unheeded for four days, when it should have been done daily.
    • King Birendra's call for demilitarisation and the creation of a Himalayan peace zone was heard often enough but it went unheeded by the rest of the world.
    • The first heckle at the premiere was heard after about 20 minutes, although there may have been others that went unheeded.
    • She arrives at the town's main police station believing she has found safety and assistance, only for her cries for help to go unheeded.
    • Even a warning from the sports minister, who basically told both sides to shut up and sort out the problem pronto, has gone unheeded.
    • But despite our pleas, our requests went largely unheeded.
    • But still, don't let this warning from history go unheeded.
    • The lesson of Rwanda had gone utterly unheeded.
    • Unfortunately, it was a warning that went unheeded as two minutes into stoppage time Underwood was again unchallenged as he crossed from the left.
    • It should have proved a warning shot to the City defence but it obviously went unheeded as within minutes Kidderminster had snatched the lead.
    • The findings follow a number of high-profile cases in which children died after tell-tale danger signs had gone unheeded.
    • If warnings go unheeded, workers could be sacked.