Translation of unhindered in Spanish:


sin obstáculos, adj.

Pronunciation /ʌnˈhɪndəd//ˌənˈhɪndərd/


  • 1

    (progress) sin obstáculos
    (progress) sin trabas
    if we could only get on with our work unhindered ojalá nos dejaran trabajar tranquilos
    • unhindered by heavy suitcases sin el estorbo de maletas pesadas
    • Good work by their pack allowed scrum-half Ian Wilson to pick up from the base of a scrum and race unhindered to the line to score.
    • Bowling unhindered through the Suffolk verdure, Peel offers a courteous monologue on the local environment.
    • In the far Pacific, they live lives unhindered like ours.
    • One of these years the Masters will make it through the week unhindered by dark clouds and rain and crackling thunder in the skies above Augusta.
    • To see one of these great prehistoric creatures wandering unhindered in its natural habitat is both thrilling and a very special treat.
    • As an entrepreneur, of course, I see all this as an opportunity, not an obstacle to the unhindered operation of the free market.
    • As a result, technologists and businesses cannot assume unhindered forward progress.
    • How can you have sheltered accommodation where anybody can walk into the building unhindered?
    • In the same story your reporter mentions that cars can now drive unhindered through Bingley town centre.
    • You can crush your enemies in the most ruthless and vile of ways all the while unhindered by such weaknesses as remorse or guilt.
    • The man got his five minutes in the sun absolutely unhindered.
    • You can wander around the place, unhindered - which I do a lot when I'm working, up and down from the PC.
    • Eventually he found an agreeable home in the University of Utah where his inventive genius could work unhindered.
    • Not many years ago you used to be able to drive around Swindon unhindered and, yes, there is more traffic on the road now.
    • It has been estimated that if current plans proceed unhindered wind farms will be visible from every Munro in this land.
    • It was alleged that he claimed he sometimes needed a walking stick and crutches yet was capable of working as a police officer unhindered.
    • Because the bodies of the men that died in the mission were buried in Norway, the site is not treated as a war grave and recovery of the wreckage can proceed unhindered.
    • Then Garry O'Connor took his turn, scampering unhindered before shooting tamely across goal.
    • Just imagine being utterly unhindered by the barriers of language.
    • Letting women wear what they want, unhindered by state diktat, is the only proper course for a democracy.