Translation of unhinge in Spanish:


trastornar, v.

Pronunciation /ˌənˈhɪndʒ//ʌnˈhɪn(d)ʒ/

transitive verb

  • 1

    (person) trastornar
    (person) desquiciar
    (mind) trastornar
    • The shock unhinges their mother, whose hormones have already been scrambled by post-natal depression.
    • Oh, I don't know - I tell people (a few select people) about my dreams, mainly trustworthy friends who won't then look at me as if I'm unhinged.
    • The artistically talented but intellectually unhinged cartoonist Tommy Tomorrow affirms the judgment: ‘This is brilliant.’
    • The thing is, you have to read the whole platform to see how dangerously unhinged these people really are.
    • Needless to say, the whole event with Debbie left me unhinged for a while.
    • Inexplicable things happen to irrational people; unhinged persons zigzag across an unmoored world.
    • Is X going to think I am completely unhinged now?
    • Charles could look to the future with a reasonable optimism that he would secure a modest triumph over his occasionally unhinged enemies.
    • Perhaps the blame for our fascination with the violent acts of unhinged minds should be laid to rest at the creaking door of the Bates motel.
    • Completely unhinged by madness, she raised he hand and threw the dagger at Kathryn.
    • Meanwhile, a mentally unhinged former lover is stalking her, and the serial killer has struck again.
    • The experience seems to have unhinged him, since he bursts into the Hydrogen Cave ranting about a mysterious Referee X who is frustrating his attempts at publication.
    • But if, at times, she does appear to be over-the-top, I don't think it's because she's unhinged.
    • Born of the Great Depression, the brothers were unhinged maniacs with no roots, no ties, no responsibilities, fighting back on behalf of the disenfranchised little man.
    • There does not seem to be a motive or a reason why, other than like I say, that this person was totally unhinged.
    • Glenn Close is an actress with five Academy Award nominations under her belt, one of which is for the role for which I will always remember her: the mentally unhinged mistress in Fatal Attraction.
    • My mother was unhinged about potential optic damage.
    • Eventually, being Orwell's widow unhinged her.
    • I could be over-reacting about this, but if I'm being completely honest with you, the possibilities of what could've happened today have unhinged me a little.
    • Radically unfit to raise her daughter, or even cross the street, Yuen comes unhinged and retreats into a fantasy world.