Translation of unhitch in Spanish:


desenganchar, v.

Pronunciation /ˌənˈhɪtʃ//ʌnˈhɪtʃ/

transitive verb

  • 1

    (horse/trailer) desenganchar
    • In firing position, the crew of eight unhitches the gun, lowers the central firing jack, raising the wheels high enough to clear the trail legs, and spreads the two outer trails 120° on each side.
    • The drover got to work unhitching the oxen, and the horsemen unsaddled their horses and led them to the trees and hobbled them.
    • ‘They had also tried to take my trailer but they obviously couldn't get it through the gate, so they just unhitched it and left it there,’ he added.
    • He gripped his rifle and tied it to his back, unhitching his long bowie knife.
    • Skillfully and carefully, the owner maneuvered it into position between the stacks of oats, unhitched the tractor and turned it around to the face of the threshing machine.
    • In the morning, we unhitched the trailer in my parents' driveway to alleviate the load on the pick-up truck, and cruised up to Bellevue to meet the moving truck.
    • Eventually the officer unhitches the barricade, and the Archimedean principle of crowd displacement does its work.
    • The horses were unhitched from the front of the trailer and two pairs hitched each side to heavy port and starboard booms.
    • Designing an organization for creative growth, to Mau, means unhitching it from a single ‘guru’ figure and allowing the entire group to help shape the work process - from brainstorming to final product.
    • He looked up at me, incredulous, but it subsided into introspectful placidity, his neck finally unhitching its strained composure.
    • Possessed of her fantasy, Ella went later in the afternoon, when nobody was in that part of the house, opened the closet, unhitched one of the articles, a mackintosh, and put it on, with the waterproof cap belonging to it.
    • The dogs will hear you unhitching the chain from the tree.
    • There had been a rapid succession of presidents and the peso was about to be unhitched from the dollar, with predictable results.
    • Three men jumped out of the cab of the truck and began fast work of unlatching things on the door and unhitching this and that.
    • The handler climbed aboard his sled, unhitched the various restraints and vanished into a whirl of snow.
    • But children were unhitching the boats from their storage area at the side of the lake, loading on their friends and moving across the lake, without either oars or life jackets.
    • The man was unhitching the ship from the docking connections when the first warning came.
    • And so, when this happened, the horses would all be unhitched and everyone, men and horses, would wend their way back to the farmstead, the horses for their midday feed in the stable and the men for their dinner in the house.
    • It is Elaine who receives advice from the lawyer, indicating that Jesse needs to unhitch himself from his father.
    • One worker switches tracks while the other unhitches rail cars and moves the train back and forth, with the remote control, to send the cars rolling onto other tracks.