Translation of unimportant in Spanish:


sin importancia, adj.

Pronunciation /ˌənəmˈpɔrtnt//ʌnɪmˈpɔːt(ə)nt/


  • 1

    (matter/detail) sin importancia
    it seemed unimportant no parecía tener importancia
    • It is the nature of every living being, whether big or small, important or unimportant, to strive for happiness.
    • You worry too much, often about unimportant details.
    • The public needs to see how useful mathematics can be, not how it can be applied to unimportant, meaningless things.
    • Its unnecessary; the only musical statement it makes is how unimportant and irrelevant this band are now.
    • That sounds awfully dramatic, but it's actually quite depressingly trivial and unimportant.
    • Rather, you should recognize that all our everyday concerns and worries are really petty and unimportant.
    • It is for the parties to decide whether they wish to be bound and, if so, by what terms, whether important or unimportant.
    • It seems many people in this town instead prefer to focus on the minor and unimportant features of the town.
    • Nothing really matters since you are so taken by the immensity of the world that your own life seems unimportant by comparison.
    • Every activity is either important or unimportant, urgent or not urgent.
    • This is the bread of life, this unimportant failure to be perfect.
    • Before warming there was a significant but clinically unimportant difference in hand temperatures.
    • It is the ability to record the ordinary, seemingly unimportant detail that makes photography so democratic.
    • Devouring fashion has provided a uniquely unimportant and frivolous thing to direct all my worry towards.
    • I won't go into the idea in detail now as it's unimportant to the point I am trying to make.
    • Look at the intricate beauty of the leaves on the trees and see that our petty desires are so unimportant.
    • How success was achieved, argued Welch, was unimportant - it was just vital that it was achieved.
    • Police have asked anyone reporting a sighting of him to try and give as much detail as possible, even if it seems unimportant.
    • Britain's most important trunk road starts somewhere rather unimportant.
    • But those objectives are relatively unimportant when set against the question of what follows.