Translation of uninterested in Spanish:


indiferente, adj.

Pronunciation /ʌnˈɪnt(ə)rɪstɪd//ˌənˈɪn(t)əˌrɛstəd//ˌənˈɪntrəstəd/


  • 1

    (person/audience) indiferente
    uninterested in sth
    • she was totally uninterested in my work no demostró ningún interés en mi trabajo
    • he's not uninterested in politics la política no le es indiferente
    • The comedian shakes my hand briefly, but seems distant and uninterested.
    • Many who had shelled out thousands for tickets seemed uninterested in the specifics of the game.
    • Many foreign commentators focused on this issue, perhaps unaware that Italians are relatively uninterested in it.
    • She would often ring him and have nothing much to say or even sound bored and uninterested on the phone.
    • But if you're bored of the hype and uninterested in the gossip, there's always the music.
    • It shows how uninterested capitalism is in preserving, prolonging, or improving human life.
    • The woman was very vague to the point of being uninterested.
    • He is proudly uninterested in anyone or anything outside of his own limited experience.
    • His manner was aloof, and he is said to have been uninterested in his family's concerns.
    • Many appeared unaware, or uninterested, that the film was based on a remarkable true story and believed the movie was too tame.
    • They become uninterested in sex and turn to comfort eating.
    • Andrew Motion has been sounded out, but has declared himself uninterested at present while he remains Poet Laureate.
    • Seven were uninterested, three left the area, three were working and two said they were simply unable.
    • They are uninterested in whether these guerrillas terrorized the local population.
    • Government leaders seem uninterested or unwilling to commit to program changes and guarantees.
    • A man with a walkie-talkie approached us, then two errant hounds frantic and uninterested in sandwiches.
    • It does not matter if you are uninterested in sport because the Hellenic Republic will have something to offer you.
    • The councillor found the pupils quite uninterested at first as they didn't seem to realise that the work of the council affects them.
    • And if the former Beatles were uninterested in their past, there was also the suggestion that the public were too.
    • When staff do materialise they seem harassed and uninterested.