Translation of uninteresting in Spanish:


sin interés, adj.

Pronunciation /ˌənˈɪnt(ə)rəstɪŋ//ʌnˈɪnt(ə)rɪstɪŋ/


  • 1

    (topic) sin interés
    (person/outcome) poco interesante
    • Much of the rest of the job is routine and uninteresting.
    • Alex blamed his curiosity on his uninteresting, tedious and all-round boring life.
    • Incredibly, this second lot of inmates are even more tedious and uninteresting than the first.
    • The kids, besides looking like brothers, were bland and uninteresting.
    • They can already sense how bland and uninteresting their relationship will be, how the years will yawn away and stretch to eternity.
    • In Britain we already have enough retrogressive and uninteresting composers of our own - there's no need to import them.
    • To the public it would be worse than repulsive - tedious, utterly uninteresting.
    • As a customer you'd probably think it a bit dull and uninteresting.
    • Within this latter group lies cutlery, perhaps the most banal and uninteresting of eating-related subject matters.
    • Some excellent actors are wasted in flat and uninteresting roles.
    • It is all about texture and effect; the harmonic structure seems uninteresting, the rhythmic interest is minimal.
    • From the outset, the news is rather dull and uninteresting - nothing much going on.
    • Unfortunately, the character is poorly realised - he's just dull and uninteresting.
    • In my opinion this is because they got too much of it and it was done in an uninteresting and boring manner.
    • The problem with politics today is not that there are more shady goings-on than there were in the past, but that it is pale and uninteresting.
    • I think I had a notion that, being part of the midlands, the county would be flat and uninteresting.
    • Today is so uninteresting I'm having to resort to repetition.
    • In lesser hands, it could easily have devolved into something dull and uninteresting.
    • The flashbacks to the uncles' escapades in Africa ought to have been the saving grace of a rather uninteresting slow plot.
    • A writer is often easily inspired but the trick lay in the ability to turn a most uninteresting object into one of great curiosity.