Translation of uninviting in Spanish:


poco atractivo, adj.

Pronunciation /ʌnɪnˈvʌɪtɪŋ//ˌənɪnˈvaɪdɪŋ/


  • 1

    (appearance) poco atractivo
    (room) poco acogedor
    (prospect) poco halagüeño
    (food) poco apetitoso
    • Now what would otherwise have been a uninviting troglodytic restaurant is transformed into what promises to become a popular meeting place for the city's chattering classes.
    • Failure in this regard may mean that Bulgaria's delegation may find Prague in November to be a cold and uninviting place.
    • If the room is uninviting or uncomfortable, you'll soon be hearing excuses of why they are leaving a little earlier.
    • The days are short and cold, the streets are uninviting.
    • The story transpires in rural Georgia, and Green pulls the audience into this uninviting setting from the first frame.
    • I guess it must be nearly impossible to transcend the uninviting, unappealing, unnerving stigma of hospitals - regardless of good or bad design.
    • This really does look uninviting after dark, and is used by many more people, whilst this additional lighting would benefit both the school and the leisure centre entrances.
    • What excuse though did the main acts have for offering such a humourless performance, particularly on such an uninviting afternoon?
    • The only thing this bar has established is a snobby, cold & uninviting atmosphere.
    • While the communal hallway was a little uninviting, the flat itself was bright and spacious and, following Katharine's feedback, now has egg cups.
    • Nice… it was very comforting to find such a cold and uninviting atmosphere.
    • Composers are writing this way, although I confess that, in the abstract, I find this prospect uninviting and, indeed, rather unsettling.
    • We should remember why the whole sculpture in the forest thing started - through the recognition of a vast and unexplored opportunity to enhance the pleasure of a visit to what many saw previously as an uninviting plantation.
    • Though I can't testify to the quality of the ladies' room, the gentlemen's was desperately uninviting - a general lack of cleanliness was compounded by a disturbing odour.
    • Teachers like this never question the uninviting atmosphere in their classroom that may incite such behavior, or inspire a lack of English language usage.
    • This is also manifest in our office, which I find stiflingly hot all year round, as do the other foreigners, but the Japanese staff find cool and uninviting in winter.
    • This gets a little bigger fairly quickly, and passes a couple of uninviting junctions, before entering a wide bedding passage with a stream flowing through it.
    • The stalls are now too close together and the canopies too wide, making the passages between stalls narrow, uninviting, claustrophobic and sunless.
    • The theatre, although Grand in name, lacks many of the facilities modern-day audiences have come to expect and staff are the first to admit a visit can be an uninviting prospect.
    • The club itself was initially an uninviting place.