Translation of Union Jack in Spanish:

Union Jack

bandera del Reino Unido, n.


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    bandera del Reino Unido feminine
    • No chance of buying a Union Jack, Thai, Australian, Japanese, Scottish, Welsh, American, Korean or German flag now… sold out weeks ago.
    • Perhaps it was the Union Jacks, bunting and even boxer shorts of red, white and blue flying over Castle Howard's lawns like standards on a medieval field of combat.
    • When I did, and I saw all those Union Jacks and heard the cheers, it was as proud a moment as anyone can experience in life.
    • Flanked by a Union Jack on one side and a flag bearing the Brent logo on the other, nine of the applicants repeated the solemn oath that would finally allow them to call themselves British and to apply for a British passport.
    • ‘If there is any danger of violence we will pull the plug,’ he declared last week, warning that Union Jacks and any offensive banners will be confiscated.
    • As it is, in today's two major finals, there will be not a Union Jack or a face-painted flag of St George in sight.
    • They got up at six in the morning, stormed the flagpole, took down the American flag and replaced it with a Union Jack they'd made in Arts & Crafts.
    • The most controversial part of the race was Jensen Button's decision to have a St George's flag on his helmet - and not a Union Jack.
    • Suddenly, the idea of supporting, financially or vocally, an Olympic ideal wrapped in a flag of convenience rather than a Union Jack looks very different.
    • Also observed on the drive home: a Union Jack, a Canadian flag, a Mexican flag.
    • Cheering crowds waving Union Jacks and the flag of Gurnard Sailing Club, where Shirley is a member, lined the route.
    • However, talking about the St George or the union jack quite obviously has other implications…
    • One young woman waved a New Zealand Flag, another a Union Jack embroidered with the legend We're Not Afraid.
    • Are you bothered by the idea that you could have an EU flag on your car number-plate but not a Union Jack?
    • But the ubiquitous red, white and blue stripes are joined in equal measure by the Union Jacks, Canadian and US flags.
    • The union jack caught the air as the ship started to move and it waved at the back of the ship in such a way that it seemed to wave itself to the people below.
    • Abandoning the fine traditions of their ancestors, they tend to hang out a union jack and name the establishment after themselves.
    • Freedom meant being able to fly a tricolour instead of a union jack.
    • The IODE also distributed miniature Union Jacks and flag charts.
    • He also has a skull and crossbones which he hoists when his grandchildren visit, a Union Jack and a Yorkshire white rose - and he has no intention of getting rid of them.

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    • El nombre que recibe la bandera del Reino Unido. Está formada por las cruces de San Jorge (St George), patrono de Inglaterra, de San Andrés (St Andrew), patrono de Escocia, y de San Patricio (St Patrick), patrono de Irlanda. Gales y su patrono San David no están representados en ella.