Translation of unique in Spanish:


único, adj.

Pronunciation /juˈnik//juːˈniːk/


  • 1

    (example/specimen/collection) único
    unique to sb/sth
    • a characteristic unique to man una característica que les es exclusiva a los seres humanos
    • plants unique to this region plantas que solo se dan / que se dan exclusivamente en esta región
    • They employed the unusual, if not unique, move of boycotting their own executive meetings.
    • The society was so singular, so unique, so finely skewed between wilderness and civilisation.
    • The chip, which emits the unique signal for your account, is injected into your arm!
    • I thought it was the right opportunity to observe a unique jungle drama and record it on film.
    • We are supposed to believe that he is an expert on Russia with a unique power of insight needed by the military top brass.
    • She used her skills as a graphic artist to create unusual images to give each a unique look.
    • The brain is unique in that, unlike any other organ, it can tell you about itself.
    • In keeping with their unique sound, the recording process is also unusual.
    • A new book claims to give a unique insight into becoming a better driver.
    • This trail can be picked up by anyone with the right scanner, which can identify an item by its unique signal.
    • So unique and unusual is the table that it has pride of place in the front window.
    • Only mankind is unique, in that unlike the fox, he kills his own species by the tens of thousands.
    • His logic is still unique, but unlike his huge stage, his canvas hasn't broadened.
    • For example, it had a radical and unique design which could have deterred some car buyers in the medium car sector.
    • On top of that, his work with the BBC gives him a unique insight into British athletics.
    • All apartments are individually designed to give a unique look and feel to each property.
    • This will be a unique opportunity to see this fascinating film and its first screening in Britain.
    • This last was a speciality of his, to which he brought unique and profound insights.
    • Although the severity and scale of the crisis was unusual, such problems are not unique.
    • It would mark appropriate respect for a remarkable individual if his colours remained unique.
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    • This extraordinary and unique piece is the first in a series of new work focusing on mythology.
    • Games developers in the city will have a unique opportunity to get close to a potential major player in the industry.
    • As it is rarely seen outside Japan this is a unique opportunity for people in New Zealand to view it.
    • Gwen's photographs give a fresh insight into this unique period of Lakeland's past.
    • The secret recordings gave a unique insight into Barrett's domestic affairs.
    • They are in a unique position to provide some real insights into the blogging world, but they didn't do that.
    • Her record of events offers a unique insight into one woman's war - on the Home Front.
    • This is a unique opportunity to get hands on experience of museum work.
    • I have to admit that this is not my scene, but this tradition certainly adds something unique to the English scene.
    • You have to be nice to people to convince them that lending their work of art is a unique opportunity.
    • It is a unique opportunity to improve the lives of millions of poor people around the world.
    • This is a truly unique opportunity to see and hear one of the real innovators of the blues.
    • She has a unique talent, but there's an unusual maturity and a respect for musical history.
    • The recent turmoil in the US energy market has created a unique opportunity for the new firm.
    • It's been a unique opportunity for young dancers in Swindon as all the teachers began with us.
    • The series provides a unique insight into life in late Victorian and early Edwardian Britain.
    • However, by the opening of his act we knew that this was to be a remarkably unique performance.
    • We also now present an ideal and unique sponsorship opportunity for European brands.
    • Once again all the banks spotted the unique opportunity of this market at exactly the same time.
    • They did not look that impressive with their light brown skin, but it was unique to see a primate of this size.