Translation of university in Spanish:


universidad, n.

Pronunciation /juːnɪˈvəːsɪti//ˌjunəˈvərsədi/

nounPlural universities

  • 1

    universidad feminine
    (library) (before noun) de la universidad
    (degree/town/life/education) universitario
    she goes to the university (US) or (British) to university va a la universidad
    • she is at the university (US) or (British) at university está en la universidad
    • she left (the) university in 1980 terminó la carrera en 1980
    • university entrance ingreso a la universidad
    • That means that I have passed my peak, and many students in university are passing by theirs too.
    • She also said that this situation is not uncommon here at this university.
    • On June 28, her daughter found out that her exam marks would qualify her for university.
    • So there is a vast amount of information that's available through academic research institutes or in universities.
    • You just have to remember that university is a time not only to learn about your major, but about yourself.
    • I had three weeks left until university began and the need for one last venture overseas was becoming overwhelming.
    • This is alleged to be the first time in the 800 year history of that university.
    • Research in universities and agricultural institutes, as well as by the industry, has a crucial role to play.
    • At present, foreign students can only work for 90 days in universities and research institutes.
    • At least one university is paying heed to what may be the reshaping of psychotherapy.
    • She was also a university student studying in a really interesting course.
    • He was born the son of a poor mill owner, and was the first in his family to go to university.
    • All members of the university administration refused to comment on this issue.
    • I'm happy to be back with my family and I'm looking forward to university.
    • I met up with an old friend from university this morning and we are headed out for a little trip.
    • Get out and enjoy the artistic side of our often misrepresented university.
    • He began his university studies in 1951 when he entered Tokyo University.
    • The thing is, I always assumed that by the time we hit university, the drama would be left behind.
    • We hear a lot about how much it costs a student to get a university degree in the UK these days.
    • His holidays from university have found him up on the release site, near Pewsey, working on maintenance of the pens.