Translation of unkind in Spanish:


poco amable, adj.

Pronunciation /ʌnˈkʌɪnd//ˌənˈkaɪnd/


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    (unpleasant) poco amable
    (cruel) cruel
    (cruel) malo
    an unkind thought un mal pensamiento
    • that was very unkind of you eso fue muy poco amable de tu parte
    • unkind remarks comentarios hirientes
    • I never heard her say an unkind word nunca la oí hacer un comentario desagradable
    • that was a very unkind thing to say to her fue muy poco caritativo decirle eso
    • it would be unkind to let him suffer sería cruel dejarlo sufrir
    • to be unkind to sb tratar mal a algn
    • detergent is very unkind to your hands los detergentes estropean mucho las manos
    • The policy of the ostrich prevails - though saying that that is probably unkind to ostriches.
    • So far fate has been very unkind to the four of them.
    • Rounding up, Salih stressed that it would be foolish and unkind to turn down laurels bestowed by those who appreciated your work.
    • In the meantime, they were not unkind to him, and their greatest offense was his captivity.
    • Television is brutal and unkind to yesterday's rock stars.
    • The indifferent look on my face is only there because people like you are being unkind to me and I can't fight back.
    • You call me in to see, and I explain that it would be unkind to leave it there: it might crawl to the floor; we must take care that no one squashes it.
    • She had never been one to argue back or be unkind to anyone.
    • Once again we find that nature is unkind to simplistic formulations.
    • My husband's family has been unkind to me in the past and I want them to know I will not put up with this hurtful behavior anymore.
    • It is cruel and unkind to go through them yet again.
    • Australians are trained to dread invasion and yet cannot stomach being unkind to any stranger.
    • This minister and this government have never sought to be unfair or unkind to the teaching profession.
    • Rapid agricultural development has been unkind to the land.
    • When someone insults us or does something unkind to us, an internal formation is created in our consciousness.
    • It would be unkind to force you to speak of your torment twice.
    • Heck, you might even be as unkind to note that the work is a tad dated.
    • He was unkind to Kurosawa's Seven Samurai, while devoting a whole essay to the adroit but decidedly lesser The Hidden Fortress.
    • Farmers are always getting the blame for being unkind to the Environment, where in the majority of cases, the farmers are blameless.
    • Perhaps it would be gratuitously unkind to compare the intellects and depth of the two presidents.
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    (weather/climate) inclemente