Translation of unknown in Spanish:


desconocido, adj.

Pronunciation /ʌnˈnəʊn//ˌənˈnoʊn/


  • 1

    (not known)
    (surroundings/destination) desconocido
    (country) desconocido
    (country) ignoto formal
    her whereabouts are unknown se desconoce su paradero
    • the true story was unknown until recently la verdad se desconocía hasta hace poco
    • the Unknown Soldier el soldado desconocido
    • it is virtually unknown for anyone to refuse prácticamente nunca se niega nadie
    • unknown to sb
    • that was unknown to me eso no lo sabía
    • facts unknown to most of us hechos que la mayoría de nosotros desconocíamos
    • Unfortunately, for reasons unknown to man, nobody did anything until 10.
    • Remarkably, this bulbous plant is relatively unknown.
    • We fly and survey the familiar and yet unknown path below us and then we land and rest our eyes and minds and sun-seared souls.
    • As Shawn and I were continuing our way to unknown territory, I spotted a familiar figure leaving some disco with a few other people.
    • But behind these familiar figures is an unknown Ganesha, whose origins lie deep in the subcontinent's prehistory.
    • For all young people growth is a hard journey out of the familiar past into an unknown future, and there are times when everyone feels daunted by the precarious uncertainty of the path.
    • For some hitherto unknown reason, Emilia was not best pleased.
    • Once that decision is made, a couple enters an unknown territory, where a new future must be mapped out.
    • Thus there has emerged a previously unknown source of initiative.
    • Finally, 7 of 15 interactors with a hitherto unknown function were shown to interfere with apoptosis.
    • Freedom and adventure are inviting you into unknown territory and there is nothing to hold you back at this point.
    • In each of several trials, he found an unknown toy among familiar toys and brought it back with good consistency.
    • Seven chapters tell stories that are mostly based on previously unknown archival sources.
    • This time out, the author returns to both familiar and unknown ground to collect new stories, strange encounters and first hand accounts.
    • We propose that the cause may be some diffusible element of yet unknown origin.
    • She waved me off as I set off into the unknown territory of Park Mountain.
    • The Mutiny will be a largely unknown quantity.
    • She stood just inside the gate and clutched her small bundle of possessions, her one familiar token in an unknown world.
    • Genetic epidemiology may identify hitherto unknown molecular mechanisms and improve understanding of critical events in the evolution of disease.
    • Buddhism, therefore, remained virtually unknown to the classical world.
  • 2

    (not famous)
    (play/writer/singer) desconocido
    she was completely unknown a year ago hace un año era una total desconocida
    • As is typically the case, Loach coaxes effective performance out of unknown actors.
    • But this performance artist is not unknown - indeed, he points to a number of products in his shop that he has personally endorsed on television.
    • There is also analysis, opinion, portfolios of unknown artists or translated items from the Internet.
    • Except, in 1983, number six and number sixteen were great achievements for an unknown artist, surely?
    • According to some, the depiction of Lord Shiva, by an unknown artist, was about 200 years old.
    • This year there are very few ‘names’ and a lot of unknown artists.
    • Much of that cash goes to newbie computer-program creators and unknown artists.
    • They are usually painted by nonacademic artists and unknown painters.
    • To enable the gallery to survive and make it possible to exhibit ‘difficult’ art or art by good but unknown artists, he also sells works of already famous artists.
    • This monumental picture, the work of an unknown artist, painted on a hot, Italian summer day in July 1747, is much more than the evocative period piece it first appears to be.
    • The reason for this is truly mystifying as she never missed an opportunity to work with both famous and unknown singers and orchestras.
    • So whether the production is large-scale or small, performed in London or Chichester, with famous or unknown actors is irrelevant to its success.
    • He supported famous Korean painter Lee Jung-sup when he was an unknown artist and enabled him to get an exhibition.
    • The collection includes the famous as well as the not so famous and unknown artists too.
    • So inspired was I with David's recommendations that I ventured into a trendy record store to buy a CD with, what was to me, an obscure title sung by an unknown artist.
    • It's a solid middle-of-the-road release that has some good performances from unknown actors.
    • Purchasing art by an unknown artist is, economically speaking, a risky transaction.
    • It would operate as a collective, showcase unknown artists, provide free space to performers and be run by volunteers.
    • If it's an unknown artist, they say ‘I'm doing her a favor by promoting her work.’
    • As evidence he produces two Victorian illustrations, one made by an unknown artist probably in the 1860s, and another which appeared in a publication in 1896.


  • 1

    (phenomenon, experience)
    the unknown lo desconocido
    • a journey into the unknown un viaje a lo desconocido
  • 2

    incógnita feminine
  • 3

    desconocido masculine
    desconocida feminine


  • 1

    unknown to her sin que ella lo supiera