Translation of unlike in Spanish:


diferente de, prep

Pronunciation /ˌənˈlaɪk//ʌnˈlʌɪk/


  • 1

    (not similar to)
    diferente de
    distinto de
    totally unlike his earlier works completamente diferente / distinto de sus obras anteriores
    • you're unlike me in that respect en eso no te pareces a mí
    • it's unlike any other food I have eaten no se parece a nada que haya comido antes
  • 2

    (untypical of)
    how unlike you to forget my birthday! ¡qué raro que se te haya olvidado mi cumpleaños!
    • it's unlike you to be so optimistic es raro en ti ser tan optimista
    • she's been rather unlike herself lately últimamente está muy cambiada
  • 3

    (in contrast to)
    a diferencia de
    unlike Paul/the rest of the family a diferencia de Paul/del resto de la familia
    • unlike me, my brother is very clever mi hermano es muy inteligente, en cambio yo no


  • 1

    • Squared Euclidean distances were utilized in order to maximize the dissimilarity of unlike clusters.