Translation of unlock in Spanish:


abrir, v.

Pronunciation /ʌnˈlɒk//ənˈlɑk/

transitive verb

  • 1

    (algo que está cerrado con llave) abrir
    she left the door unlocked no cerró la puerta con llave
    • to unlock sb's heart ganarse el corazón de algn
    • to unlock the secrets of the universe desentrañar los secretos del universo
    • Pushing or pulling a disc between the fingers locks or unlocks the device.
    • Rachel hit the button to undo her alarm, unlocked the trunk and watched Todd load her trunk.
    • The action uses the rugged and well-proven Benelli system of a bolt carrier and cam that locks and unlocks the twin-lug bolt into a barrel extension.
    • The database does that by locking and unlocking access records to the physical CD.
    • She found them and turned it in the lock, unlocking the door and sliding it open.
    • It locks or unlocks their respective powers inside you.
    • The music selection in Mad Maestro is quite large with thirty-some songs available to unlock.
    • I shoved my key into the lock and unlocked the door as fast as I could before sliding in to the driver's seat.
    • I patted her hand awkwardly and walked towards the door, unlocking it with the key still in the lock.
    • I have to wonder at the point of having a park keeper to lock and unlock the gates to the Town Gardens.
    • This has been the key to unlocking the rich historical and anthropological significance of this art form.
    • The driver used the power locks to unlock the other man's door and it swung open in a matter of seconds.
    • I solved the combination for the lock, unlocked it, and pulled open my locker.
    • If it is useful to lock and unlock a car, the usage of the remote extends some more here.
    • Ruby puts the key into the lock and unlocks the hatch.
    • Listening for a moment, he put the key in the lock and unlocked the door, but didn't open it immediately.
    • Jay pushed the door open after unlocking it and I found myself stepping in an one room apartment.
    • Ayden slipped the rest of the jacket on and moved towards the door, unlocking it and opening to see who it was.
    • One of the interesting features of the new building is the automatic security system, which locks and unlocks the doors at preset times.
    • In seconds, she was at the front door and unlocking the many locks.
    • She looked both ways down the corridor and pulled out a lock set, opening it she pulled out her lock pick and unlocked the door.
    • Bond climbed the few stairs and unlocked his door and locked and bolted it behind him.
    • The missions are objective based, and although they don't all have to be completed it pays to as at the end it unlocks a ‘Specialist’ who is available for future missions.
    • I was pretty amazed at how simple and easy it was to lock and unlock folders.
    • Luckily my car has remote central locking so I am still able to lock and unlock the doors.
    • One of the boys from earlier put his key in the lock and unlocked the door.

intransitive verb

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    this door won't unlock esta puerta no se puede abrir