Translation of unmanly in Spanish:


impropio de un hombre, adj.

Pronunciation /ˌənˈmænli//ʌnˈmanli/


  • 1

    (conduct/attitude) impropio de un hombre
    (attitude/conduct) poco viril
    he thinks ballet is unmanly cree que el ballet no es cosa de hombres
    • To delineate masculinity it was constantly necessary to define and proscribe unmanly behavior.
    • Micheaux uses contemporaneous notions of gender as a way of naturalizing positive and negative character qualities as manly or unmanly, womanly or unwomanly.
    • Things once considered unmanly such as taking pride in home decorating or even exfoliating and moisturizing your skin are gradually turning into a male indulgence and becoming more acceptable by society.
    • The Boss gasps, suppressing his unmanly girlish enthusiasm.
    • For unmanly men tend to two extremes: either soft and selfish, unwilling to support or defend others, or harsh and violent, accustomed to brutally taking whatever they want.
    • Two decades before he ever jostled with Du Bois, he was asserting that of course ‘there should be no unmanly cowering or stooping to satisfy unreasonable whims of the Southern white man.’
    • Eager to cut the tension following what they perceived to be a slightly unmanly excursion - two guys looking at art together - they headed directly to a bar…
    • Moderate native American chiefs were viewed as weak and unmanly, particularly by younger men.
    • Burgeoning homosexual communities helped to give shape to this opposition; male homosexuals were increasingly seen as unmanly, and effeminate men were apt to have their sexuality questioned.
    • The ‘something’ used to be gin and bitter lemon - which some friends viewed as unmanly and one, the late poet Ian Hamilton, would only order if Barnes uttered the name of the offending mixer.
    • One of the things that was thrown at the anti-war movement in the mid-'60s was that the people were cowards, unmanly because they wouldn't fight and kill for their country.
    • Men, he claimed, are much less likely to weep due to bodily pain since weeping is seen as a weak and unmanly behaviour.
    • Instead, the Bush ideologues came to power smug in the security of their own worldview, part of which, frankly, seems to be the belief that it would be soft and unmanly to let facts alter their preconceptions.
    • The building committee's defence of the institution attempted to deflect the serious charge of proselytism by criticizing the second special committee for unmanly and impertinent behaviour.
    • Why is it a manly diversion to bully others whereas sexual deviation is unmanly and deserving of moral and criminal censure?
    • But excavations at the Catterick Roman settlement in North Yorkshire suggest some members of the garrison were more likely to have been found in highly coloured women's robes, turbans, tiaras and rather unmanly hair-dos.
    • The reader is meant to despise him as weak and unmanly and, thanks to Rand's powers as a novelist, we have no trouble seeing him in this way.
    • Inside you read an innovative how-to article written by both men and women that encourages teenaged boys to get over their unmanly insecurities and chat up more girls than your average rock star can handle in one show.
    • Fashion followers may like to know that Sir Thomas defied his wife's decree in last Thursday's style gospel, the Daily Telegraph, that pink is deemed unmanly for a Yorkshire gent by duly sporting a waistcoat in that very hue.
    • Grandpa would, in essence, teach me to be afraid, to understand the humiliation that awaited me if I dared shed tears or demonstrate some other unmanly behavior.