Translation of unmask in Spanish:


desenmascarar, v.

Pronunciation /ʌnˈmɑːsk//ˌənˈmæsk/

transitive verb

  • 1

    (treachery/plot/criminal) desenmascarar
    (plot/criminal/treachery) descubrir
    • Just as she unmasks the truth of herself as Jew, she unmasks the truth of herself as woman.
    • Father Neuhaus unmasks the fallacy by revealing a third category: those who know that some who don't hear about Christ won't go to hell, yet this salvation is still through the redemptive work of Christ.
    • We want some ultra-sensitive metal detector that will unmask any weapon, or some new x-ray machine that exposes all dangers.
    • I intend to unmask this thing and discover more about what it is I will find, and give aid to what knowledge I can decipher when I retrieve the Tome.
    • We also hope to unmask our hoaxer as we learn more.
    • Kashmir Herald is an attempt by Kashmiri Hindus to unmask the truths behind the mayhem perpetrated in the name of religion in the State of Jammu & Kashmir in India.
    • Washington is waiting to see if some of its most powerful figures will be charged for unmasking a CIA agent.
    • The film has unmasked Norman, and now he unmasks himself, to reveal the leering monster that lurked beneath all his personae.
    • Determined to unmask the ideology of others, they have become ideologues themselves.
    • With the police closing in, Richard vows to unmask the true killer and take his revenge, even if it is the last thing he ever does.
    • For most Arabs, the history of Palestine is thus not simply the story of two peoples struggling for the same land, but rather evidence that unmasks the true and nefarious intentions of the West toward Arabs and Muslims in general.
    • It is a film that requires the viewer to pay attention and wait for its true face to unmask itself.
    • Another key figure in unmasking the predatory groups of men in Keighley is the town's MP Ann Cryer who began examining the issue of abuse more than two years ago.
    • Yet American Wedding unmasks something in his character that has been foreshadowed in both preceding films, as if the trilogy was meant to be his all along.
    • Once the issues are fully exposed, the other half of me is going to drop a metaphorical barrel on the debate, allowing me to finally unmask the truth.
    • Footsteps echoed through out the corridor as the light danced over its surface, scouring over the walls, unmasking the darkness and exposing all of the details beneath its harsh brutality.
    • And as people pass away, or in the case of Mark Felt, unmask themselves, we will send the notes down there, so people literally can see exactly what we did step by step.
    • I know this won't make sense to anyone else but I just have to get it out, in hopes that by writing it out loud I can figure it out, unmask it, and take away its power over me.
    • Now astrophysicists began to unmask the true character of the universe.
    • Whatever reaction it provokes, there is an obligation to history to unmask an apparent lie of this magnitude and establish the truth.