Translation of unmatched in Spanish:


inigualable, adj.

Pronunciation /ˌənˈmætʃt//ʌnˈmatʃt/


  • 1

    sin par literary
    a production unmatched in recent years una puesta en escena que no se ha igualado en los últimos años
    • Any unmatched records were excluded from the live system but retained for potential matching.
    • I could only gaze at it, my image reflecting perfectly from its unmatched sheen.
    • In the colonial era, this argument was put forward with unmatched force both by Hindu and Muslim communalists.
    • The necklace is famous for its unmatched brilliance and extraordinary design.
    • His record of awards and accolades must be unmatched by any other Australian musical figure.
    • Hogan was a superhero, unbeatable and unmatched in popularity.
    • This geographic spread gives Japan a climatic diversity unmatched in countries of comparable size.
    • Additionally, the Parthenon Marbles have always been on show here free of charge, a generosity unmatched in Athens.
    • That is a work ethic unmatched by any modern British group.
    • The intertwining of story and history remains unmatched and, even with its great length, nothing feels extraneous.
    • His range of experience dealing with difficult questions of federal law is unmatched.
    • Rather, his background and unmatched record mark him as one of the very best, perhaps even the best.
    • It is the unmatched reliability of the Italian cars over the past five seasons that has been the foundation of his success.
    • Death and destruction on a scale unmatched in all recorded history.
    • But the pace and playability of this game is unmatched even today.
    • If true, it is a feat of economic wizardry unmatched in the western industrialized world in the last quarter century.
    • As former chief fire officer, Pat Forkan, recalls, his ability behind the wheel was unmatched.
    • He was the star, recording an unmatched 24 birdies and four-and-a-half points.
    • But the notion that their voices have a purity unmatched by girls is not based on scientific fact, according to a new study.
    • The Indian's obsession for politics and politicians remains unmatched by people of any nationality.