Translation of unmodernized in Spanish:


sin modernizar, adj.

Pronunciation /ˌənˈmɑdərˌnaɪzd//ʌnˈmɒd(ə)nʌɪzd/


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    sin modernizar
    • The house has four bedrooms, two bathrooms, one en-suite, a drawing room, a dining room, a morning room, a studio, kitchen/a breakfast room, a three attic rooms, a conservatory, a scullery, a cellar and a two-bedroom unmodernised annexe.
    • They soon discover that the cheaper end of the market means £375,000 for an unmodernised three-bedroom cottage in the middle of nowhere.
    • It was clear to him that pure, unmodernized Jujutsu (precisely because it had long had as its main purpose the sole issue of victory or defeat) did not comport with the modernizing spirit of the period after the Meiji Restoration.
    • We consider that the appropriate property type should be unmodernised family sized accommodation with 3 bedrooms or more.
    • It has not happened yet, because of the unmodernized structure of EU patenting, and narrow-minded EU legislation having left out any funding, grant, or incentive for intermediaries or service companies.
    • But Network Rail, formerly Railtrack, is concerned that more houses will mean more people using the local unmanned and unmodernised level crossing to reach the town centre and other facilities.
    • The revival helped to create an image of a pastoral, mythic, unmodernized Ireland that influenced subsequent writers and artists.
    • ‘A significant number of the deaths will be because, in this area, houses are likely to be the older, unmodernised terraced type which are not well insulated or fuel efficient,’ he said.
    • ‘What a very boring man, obsessed with the first world war,’ he says, all self-mockery, behind his cluttered desk in Private Eye's defiantly unmodernised Soho townhouse.
    • Sheikh Rifa'a Rafi’ al-Tahtawi was a professor at the still unmodernized al-Azhar University of the early nineteenth century.
    • Healthcare is an unmodernized industry that reinforces the point.
    • It is an old problem, usually found in unmodernised farming countries.
    • In the village pub - unmodernised by any rapacious brewery, although in this decade new roadhouses spread like scabs along arterial roads - Donald hears unassuming rustics quote Shakespeare.