Translation of unopposed in Spanish:


sin oposición, adj.

Pronunciation /ʌnəˈpəʊzd//ˌənəˈpoʊzd/


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    sin oposición
    the motion was passed unopposed la moción se aprobó sin oposición / por unanimidad
    • she was elected unopposed fue elegida sin oposición
    • these proposals will not go unopposed estas propuestas encontrarán resistencia
    • When McAllister sees that Tracy is running unopposed in the election, something in him snaps.
    • On that occasion they did, as the islanders were left defenceless and the Italians marched off their ships almost unopposed.
    • After just three minutes, Johnny McClung's clever pass sent him over unopposed.
    • The group had decided Goldie should stand unopposed to become the new leader.
    • As 17 players engaged in a minor brawl in the York half, Huddersfield ran away unopposed to score.
    • Bishop Smith believes that gays are trying to impose their lifestyle on the rest of society and if left unopposed will annihilate the family.
    • From the corner Farley headed in unopposed at the far post to level things up at 2-2.
    • Media later reported that Mr Burke was confirmed as the Leader unopposed.
    • This option, however, is not available, having elected Howard unopposed less than a year ago.
    • Nelson thought about going it alone but, in the corner of his eye, saw Pentham thundering down the middle of the pitch, unopposed.
    • Edinburgh had fallen unopposed to the Jacobites, though the castle remained in Hanoverian hands.
    • Ward broke clear to feed Spilman, who ran in unopposed to the line.
    • Letting this legislation pass unopposed could be the greatest gamble
    • He sent a pass to Paterson, who raced over unopposed from 30 metres out.
    • York were now looking very tired and their line was crossed again when McClarron crossed unopposed for a converted try.
    • If Mr Howard is unopposed, he will immediately become leader without having to put himself before the party membership.
    • He said that he should have been allowed to stand unopposed.
    • The Hunting Bill was given an unopposed second reading by the House of Lords, after a debate that lasted nearly nine hours.
    • Councillor Ian Greenwood was re-elected unopposed as its leader.
    • Also The Hunting Bill was given an unopposed second reading and now goes to its committee stage later this month, where peers can seek to amend it.