Translation of unostentatious in Spanish:


poco ostentoso, adj.

Pronunciation /ˌʌnɒstɛnˈteɪʃəs//ˌənˌɑstənˈteɪʃəs/


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    poco ostentoso
    an unostentatious life style un estilo de vida poco ostentoso
    • Oslo is unostentatious, a cosmopolitan city that does not have skyscrapers, spaghetti flyovers, screeching cars, multi level metros of monolithic malls.
    • His unostentatious manner and his sense of humour endeared him to those with whom he came in contact, and as a lecturer he was lively and interesting.
    • There is not even any need to put on your best bib and tucker, because the restaurant itself is a surprisingly unostentatious venue that specialises in simplicity.
    • The lyrics are unostentatious and the imagery is stark - the personal opens up into the universal thanks to Bickford's suggestive, elliptical couplets.
    • Lambert, a focused, unostentatious man who created such reality formats as Faking It and Shipwrecked, does not seem too bothered by his critics.
    • Pope John Paul II's simple coffin of blond cypress wood, with its only decoration a cross and the letter M for Mary, symbolised his unostentatious lifestyle.
    • Our president had a rhinestone-covered 20 gallon cowboy hat with an airhorn and flashing strobe, and he seemed far less virtuous than my neighbor, with her simple and unostentatious cap.
    • Public tours reveal the unostentatious shipboard lifestyle of the Royals on voyages out to the British Empire and up to Scotland each summer.
    • More than 4500 paying customers turned up the other day for a friendly involving non-league Sutton United, a quiet, unostentatious operation who play in the leafy environs of south London's stockbroker belt.
    • Chopin has fallen through dissonance into the abyss - only to curve upward in the third Prelude to a world of unostentatious grace.
    • What is required is a steady, unostentatious stoicism, made up out of absolute, cold hatred and contempt for the aggressors, and complete determination that their defeat will be utter and shameful.
    • Also immaculately turned out in civilian threads, he disclosed to me his large wardrobe of expensive but unostentatious clothes, all of which have been imported from the best tailors in London.
    • Now, for some reason, I've gone off it, but the glasses remain beautiful - simple and plain, unostentatious, solid and geometric.
    • Outwardly quiet and unostentatious, he was a deeply thoughtful man who shared his father's fascination with the complex iconography of ecclesiastical architecture and trappings.
    • Even the synthetic serving - man, sitting at the table dressed in an unostentatious suit, applauded with gusto.
    • Caroline Quentin is unostentatious but very convincing as the central character Maggie Mee.
    • He will be sadly missed because he was a very genuine person who helped with charitable causes in an unostentatious way.
    • This is acting of the purest and most unostentatious kind, unadorned by self-pity or visible virtuosity.
    • It's an understated, totally assured, and unostentatious style.
    • Secondly, I'm middle class, and living next to such unostentatious but quietly evident wealth is guaranteed to press all those buttons marked ‘grasping middle class insecurity’ in my psyche.