Translation of unpack in Spanish:


sacar las cosas de, v.

Pronunciation /ˌənˈpæk//ʌnˈpak/

transitive verb

  • 1

    (bags/briefcase) sacar las cosas de
    (briefcase/bags) desempacar Latin America
    (suitcase) deshacer
    (suitcase) desempacar Latin America
    • Complete package: unpack it, plug it in and let it burn.
    • Her parents nodded and pushed Liv to sit down on the bed with Sid and promptly began unpacking everything from the suitcases.
    • He took the job at SII about two months ago, and hasn't had a chance to unpack his moving boxes yet.
    • I unzipped one suitcase and began unpacking jeans, t-shirts, and skirts and placing them in the four-drawer dresser.
    • Jeffrey slowly unpacked a few things before locking up his suitcase and grabbing his schedule on the way out to the main hall.
    • I had just unpacked some essentials out of my suitcase when Jordan knocked on the bedroom door.
    • I hid the drum behind an armchair, unpacked my bag, put the backpack back in the bottom of the airing cupboard, and stayed.
    • After the European Juniors, she will barely have time to unpack her bags before flying out to Florida, where she will join a top college's athletics programme.
    • Kuepper's a troubadour, a wandering minstrel who unpacks his swag at the Great Northern this Sunday, May 8.
    • Now, four months later, as he unpacks his family's belongings, he still mourns his flat in Bir Nabala.
    • She began to unpack her clothes into the empty wardrobe.
    • While unpacking my groceries, I imagined that I'd become a famous writer and had approached her as she sat at the far end of the parking lot, reading my famous book.
    • Assuming that nothing in the package description, unpacking instructions and so forth, needs to be updated, that's all you have to do.
    • Anna was unpacking her clothing, her suitcase resting on the bed nearest the window.
    • After unpacking my sleeping bag, toothbrush and kettle, I was gasping for a cup of tea.
    • When you've unpacked your presents, don't leave the empty boxes for valuable goods outside your dustbins where they can be seen.
    • I'm being spared the chore of unpacking my suitcase this morning, as it's still in transit.
    • She has the tactical nous and the timing to cope with grass and while there is always the danger that she might get overpowered in the latter stages, she should at least have time to unpack her suitcase this time.
    • Two shelf stockers were unpacking bags of cat food and meowing repeatedly at each other.
    • As the tribe unpacks its weaponry, Johnny's girl Janette makes sure the camp is tidy.
    • After I unpacked everything from my suitcase for couple of hours, I became awfully tired and quickly fell into a deep slumber on my soft comfy bed.
    • I started to unpack my bags and place the contents into the dresser drawers.
    • ‘Fair enough,’ I said, starting to unpack my bags of bachelor-fare.
    • Despite having been back for a fortnight, I have only just unpacked my suitcases.
    • He said that as he was unpacking their suitcases, Linda opened the balcony door and climbed up on the railing.
    • Packing and unpacking your suitcase may seem like a pain, but a 145-pound woman burns approximately 132 calories an hour doing so.
    • Alanis unpacked everything from their bags and sighed heavily.
    • First went Anoushka, who had barely unpacked her bags before she was taking baths in front of a still sheepish Cameron and signalling her readiness for wild, wanton sex.
    • For someone who landed a role opposite the gorgeous Rekha even before he had unpacked his suitcase, life in tinsel town has been a roller coaster - with plenty of ups and downs.
    • So, anyway, the items in my shopping bag were unpacked, re-scanned carefully, and the total amounted to exactly the same as before.
    • As Mark unpacks his bags in the spare bedroom, Morgan opens a bottle of champagne smiling.
    • Out on the ice, however, as the crew unpacks the parachute, she begins to get anxious.
    • I mean, wow, the true scale of the AIPAGT didn't hit me until I unpacked my suitcase for the final time last week and fished the final Trophy from my luggage.
    • Having just unpacked her bags Liddell has not yet focused on departure.
    • Her aunt unpacked a picnic of deviled eggs, ham sandwiches, lemonade.
    • I managed to get rid of the parents, & high spiritedly returned to my room to unpack everything save the suitcase; I even stuck some posters on the wall.
    • She said her aunt is so nervous that she hasn't even unpacked her bags from the first operation.
    • She proceeding to methodically unpack the plastic bag with which she'd been supplied by the clerk.
    • It didn't make me unpack my bags and cancel my flight, but it was quite an omen.
  • 2

    (clothes/books) (from suitcase) sacar de la maleta
    (clothes/books) (from box) sacar de la caja
  • 3


intransitive verb

  • 1

    deshacer las maletas
    desempacar Latin America