Translation of unpasteurized in Spanish:


no pasteurizado, adj.

Pronunciation /ʌnˈpɑːstʃərʌɪzd//ʌnˈpastʃərʌɪzd//ˌənˈpæstʃəˌraɪzd/


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    no pasteurizado
    sin pasteurizar
    • This cheese is made from raw, unpasteurized, organic cow's milk by Joe Schneider of Daylesford Creamery, Morton in the Marsh, Gloucestershire.
    • Foods that have been linked to outbreaks include milk, shellfish, unpasteurized apple cider, raw and undercooked eggs, fish, raspberries, strawberries, and ready-to-eat meats.
    • Determined to have more uplifting memories of that day, the members of Loch Arthur Creamery made a batch of unpasteurised organic cheese with the last milking from the doomed dairy herd.
    • The full product range includes pasteurised and unpasteurised cow, goat and sheep's milk cheeses.
    • Of course, in the intervening years, I've forgotten some of it but I still remember filling my milk container (perk of the job) with fresh, creamy (skimmed off the top of the tank), unpasteurised milk.
    • Salmonella bacteria are commonly found in meats, poultry, eggs, and unpasteurized cheese and milk.
    • It's made in Berkshire from unpasteurised sheep's milk, usually reserved for firmer cheeses, but Wigmore is soft and voluptuous.
    • My one serious criticism was that the cream that came with it was a pale shadow of the thick, unpasteurised cream from a Jersey or Guernsey cow that such a pudding calls for.