Translation of unperturbed in Spanish:


impasible, adj.

Pronunciation /ʌnpəˈtəːbd//ˌənpərˈtərbd/


  • 1

    he was unperturbed by their hostility se quedó impasible / impertérrito ante su hostilidad
    • she carried on unperturbed siguió sin inmutarse
    • But in actual fact he is unperturbed about the attention.
    • The life-like bambini appeared unperturbed, their faces calm and angelic, their wide eyes turned to the sky.
    • The settlers, unperturbed, insisted that they need not take their ‘cue from barbarians!’
    • It had been much too long since she'd experienced such unperturbed tranquility.
    • And Clarke, of course, made his name with Fred Dagg, a character who appeared unperturbed to the point of coma.
    • A trailblazer all her life, she is unperturbed when it comes to speaking her mind on controversial issues regarding life and love.
    • The man whose Naya Theatre group revived theatre in the 60's is unperturbed by controversy and likes to move on.
    • The unperturbed swans, ponderously wallowing in the shallows.
    • He was always unflappable, seemingly unperturbed whenever he found himself on the knife edge of defeat.
    • Ikeda watched her scowl at him for a lengthy moment while he remained composed and wholly unperturbed.
    • His words, calm and almost unperturbed, made the customer's words seem outrageous.
    • A replacement Stagecoach bus arrived at the scene shortly afterwards and an unperturbed Mr Hill completed the journey with his passengers.
    • Clarke is unperturbed that the first major exhibition of Scottish paintings at the revamped Royal Scottish Academy should be by a pillar of the empire.
    • We realise we might be the youngest people here - many of the clientele enjoyed the Seventies as they happened - but we are unperturbed.
    • However, the filmmaker who cleared the film with the censor board earlier this month seems unperturbed by the controversies.
    • The hammerheads looked at one moment cool and unperturbed and then they were gone.
    • The Spanish midfielder was exceptional, his control and passing was exquisite and he seemed unperturbed by the conditions.
    • This season, he has not veered one inch from cool, unperturbed, gently luxurious clothes.
    • American military professionals are largely unperturbed by the controversy.
    • Again, sources backing up this information are minimal, but Willerbang seemed unperturbed by the sudden departure of his friend and mentor.