Translation of unpopular in Spanish:


impopular, adj.

Pronunciation /ˌənˈpɑpjələr//ʌnˈpɒpjʊlə/


  • 1

    (idea/decision) impopular
    (sport) poco popular
    (area) que gusta poco (a la gente)
    as a child I was always unpopular de pequeño nunca tuve muchos amigos
    • to make oneself unpopular hacerse impopular
    • she's made herself very unpopular among her staff se ha granjeado la antipatía del personal
    • I made myself very unpopular by turning off the TV me hice odiar apagándoles la televisión
    • to be unpopular with sb
    • the product was unpopular with consumers el producto no tuvo éxito / no fue muy bien recibido entre los consumidores
    • he is unpopular with everybody le cae muy mal a todo el mundo
    • Rates were paid only by householders, and became increasingly unpopular at a time of inflation.
    • But the scheme and the Iraq war remain very unpopular.
    • Megawati's economic policies have also made her highly unpopular.
    • Yet the move is deeply unpopular in some quarters.
    • But the decision has proved hugely unpopular with fans.
    • Why are we allowing our soldiers to risk their lives in the most unpopular war in Australian history?
    • But don't forget that Korea was one of the most unpopular wars.
    • He introduced a series of unpopular economic austerity measures to cope with the country's increasing debt burden.
    • Megawati should have the guts to make unpopular policies that will benefit the majority.
    • She was unpopular at times, but continued to strive for high standards.
    • A company that has auditors poring over its accounts is unpopular at any time.
    • She was 28 and unpopular from the start.
    • Regionally, US policy towards the Israeli-Palestinian conflict has made it extremely unpopular.
    • Labour officials point to polls showing that negative campaigning is increasingly unpopular with voters.
    • Pressing ahead with another referendum would be deeply unpopular with the electorate.
    • Iraq is deeply unpopular with the French electorate as a whole.
    • Elizabeth Littlewood said: " Locally, this is a very unpopular decision.
    • Last year's hike of seven per cent and the previous year's 16 per cent increase proved highly unpopular.
    • As it was, the government remained unpopular among large sections of the population.
    • If our government pursues an unpopular policy, it has to explain itself to the electorate.