Translation of unprejudiced in Spanish:


objetivo, adj.

Pronunciation /ˌənˈprɛdʒədəst//ʌnˈprɛdʒʊdɪst/


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    • Why is it ok for CNN to be completely biased towards Americans and BBC to be biased towards the British but Al-Jazeera and Al-Arabiya have to objective and unprejudiced and, preferably, pander to American public opinion?
    • ‘Bliss is one of the few places where teenagers can get support and clear, unprejudiced information that can help them weave their way through the maze of adolescence,’ she says.
    • Listen to Ullmann speak, or read her bestsellers Changing and Choices and you will be surprised by her diarist's style - direct, unprejudiced, frank and personal.
    • He was really ‘above it all’ you might say, with a very disinterested, unprejudiced mind.
    • He or she could be a decent, reserved, open-minded, unprejudiced, intelligent conservative such as Judge Michael McConnell.
    • Only in this way can the unprejudiced and unbiased position of the Times be understood.
    • The picture by Picasso could have been admired by an unprejudiced critic a thousand years ago, and will be a thousand years hence.
    • And who is smart enough, fair enough, or unprejudiced enough to make that kind of judgment?
    • Even to the unprejudiced eye, the ‘Mysore Generation’ seems to be as variously gifted as the ‘Bloomsbury Group’ - and yet there is a whole shelf of books on the latter, not one on the former.
    • As his brilliant biographies demonstrate, he had extraordinary insight and a naturally unprejudiced mind.
    • While the subject matter may be terminally uneasy viewing for many, the unprejudiced should award accolades to a surrealistic tale of brotherly love and dealing with one's lot.
    • She saw what they saw, encouraged the expression of their ideas and spontaneously offered them unprejudiced consideration.
    • Impartiality also requires an open, unprejudiced mind.
    • For Afghans, Shias, Uzbeks, Indians and others who fell outside that circle he reserved an overarching and curiously unprejudiced dislike.
    • In both stories the narrator must learn to act in an independent, self-motivated, unprejudiced, and inner-directed way.
    • Most of us recognize and value the efforts of the very early feminists - the vote (way back), equal pay for equal jobs, fair and unprejudiced admission to colleges.
    • Asylum is a hot political issue, which divides public opinion: many of the cases themselves are emotionally moving, and it is Carole's job to maintain a clear and unprejudiced mind to adjudicate fairly.
    • Generally, they can be counted upon to demonstrate a fair and unprejudiced judgement that attempts to temper personal bias through recognition of wider social implications.
    • I'm going to have to go back in there and speak with her as though I were an unprejudiced bystander.
    • From the tireless Anne Bayefsky comes another jaw-dropping illustration of the UN's balanced, sane and unprejudiced attitude towards the Jews.
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    (not bigoted)
    sin prejuicios