Translation of unprepossessing in Spanish:


poco atractivo, adj.

Pronunciation /ˌʌnpriːpəˈzɛsɪŋ//ˌənpripəˈzɛsɪŋ/


  • 1

    (appearance) poco atractivo
    • The first appearance by a man in Barker's work is unprepossessing, to say the least.
    • He was unprepossessing in appearance, and suffered from a club foot.
    • Despite their unprepossessing looks, bull terriers have many attractive virtues.
    • Nor did he, like Franklin, turn his unprepossessing physique to his own advantage, creating a homespun, backwoods, authentically ‘American’ persona.
    • But although he lives with his children in an unprepossessing suburban home in this medium-size college town, Mr. Mapfumo's heart resides in his homeland.
    • Less than half a block east from MusiquePlus, though, is a little gem of a place called Merveille Istanbul, a small, unprepossessing lunch spot serving tasty and wholesome Turkish eats for very reasonable prices.
    • His wife is long gone, and he has lapsed into the unprepossessing lifestyle of the set-in-his-ways mid-lifer: washing up when he feels like it, clothes where he drops them, that sort of thing.
    • Even the most flattering chronicles noted the marshal's unprepossessing appearance: of medium height, with at best regular features and heavy eyebrows that allegedly joined over the nose.
    • The beauty of Durer's sleeping dog lies not in its unprepossessing appearance but in its usefulness as a hunter.
    • The man is long-haired and unprepossessing, with tin spectacles and this curious nasal Liverpudlian delivery: the appearance is either grotesque or quaint and the overall impression is one of great foolishness.
    • As a boy he was physically weak and maladroit, and at the same time acutely self-conscious about what he felt to be his unprepossessing appearance; in consequence, he played no part in games and tended to be a natural prey to bullies.
    • This unprepossessing, humble and exceptionally talented tenor (lacking the prima donna attitude of far too many of his professional colleagues) has been hailed as the greatest living tenor in the world today.
    • He and his wife are fragile, physically unprepossessing and teary-eyed from the outset.
    • An unprepossessing script in somebody's bottom drawer, worked on creatively by a dedicated team of top experts, becomes a brilliant, world-class tax deduction, often without ever even getting a release!
    • I think, looking at her photographs, you would have to say deeply unprepossessing woman, and he fell utterly and completely in love with her that evening, for ever, and died, really, in her arms, forty years later.
    • Then one brief TV interview with an unprepossessing kid holding a skateboard explains the view from the other side: he says the boy was skateboarding on her street, she was yelling at him, then he got angry and pushed her.
    • It was remarkably unprepossessing - a translucent box-shaped blob, six or eight inches high, with threadlike tentacles trailing off beneath it.
    • His conquests have surprised many, largely because of his unprepossessing appearance.
    • The Worksop club where he learned the game is unprepossessing and, for all his achievements in world golf, his relationship with the down-to-earth members hasn't changed since he was sweeping up trophies as a junior at the club.
    • As a world-weary New Yorker, my son Sam was less than awed by Moscow - until I told him that the unprepossessing marble building on Red Square housed a real-life mummy.