Translation of unpretentious in Spanish:


sin pretensiones, adj.

Pronunciation /ʌnprɪˈtɛnʃəs//ˌənprəˈtɛn(t)ʃəs/


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    (person/style/novel/restaurant) sin pretensiones
    she has a very unpretentious manner es una mujer muy sencilla
    • Diana presented an image of a casual, unpretentious young mother by taking her sons to McDonalds, something that the Prince of Wales would never, ever do.
    • It's a low budget affair and so the hotel was unpretentious and homely and cheap.
    • The legendary Chinese Emperor Yao said to be the Han ancestor was unpretentious and diligent and remains of great importance to Confucianists.
    • This riddle of a restaurant is shamelessly unpretentious, and if you've never noticed its inconspicuous façade, you are forgiven.
    • This year's rising darlings Coldplay make sincere, earnest music, but appear almost naively accessible and unpretentious by comparison.
    • Informal, unpretentious and still very Italian; everything you hoped Chianti might be, but wasn't.
    • Those who met the woman, who will one day be Queen of Sweden, were very impressed by her kind manner, unpretentious way and elegant dress.
    • It is certainly his style, his style is completely unpretentious.
    • It is cooking appropriate to the hotel itself, ie, highly polished and entirely unpretentious.
    • The young couple had studied together, they were academically brilliant, but socially shy, reserved, unpretentious.
    • You could say that it is about as unpretentious as it is possible to get, without actually being a fish-and-chip shop.
    • This hotel is modern and unpretentious, but it's comfortable and neat and quite adequate for most, with private showers.
    • I was raised in Canberra, where the public education system is quite excellent and the handful of private schools are relatively unpretentious.
    • His warmhearted, unpretentious humanity made a great impression on me.
    • Jen Kovach, one of the collective's founding members, informed me of the non-profit and unpretentious ways of Seamrippers.
    • Taking her cue from nature, Beverly designed the landscape to be casual and unpretentious.
    • Most importantly, Goin's unpretentious philosophy is reflected in the food she serves at Lucques.
    • Though her sense of swing is evolving, Bode's unpretentious delivery, easy phrasing and sweet demeanor is delightful.
    • We love taverns because they're unpretentious and appear to be impervious to the mainstream.
    • The Hotel is a very pleasant, friendly, but unpretentious hotel situated in Hammersmith.
    • Nikka Costa is a rare treasure; a one-time child star who has grown into an unpretentious, genuinely talented adult.
    • Tucked away on Saxon Place off Dodsworth Avenue, Symryn's Restaurant's white, unpretentious exterior hardly screams out for attention.
    • There are very nice clusters of unpretentious hotels there.
    • Joanna Blythman yearns for a tasty, unpretentious lunch for working people - and is delighted to find that Aberdeen has its very own little Italy
    • The kindest way to describe the decor is unpretentious.
    • This unpretentious book does not attempt to be more than it is - an easy, enjoyable account of a life well lived.
    • Betty was afraid the arch's columns might look too formal in her casual and unpretentious garden, but she is happy with the effect.
    • These are kids with pure talent, meteoric energy, unbelievable charisma and refreshingly unpretentious intelligence.
    • Still, he's entirely unpretentious about his labor of love.
    • To his advantage, Rajagopal does not have the bearing of an unapproachable guru but comes across as friendly, witty and unpretentious.
    • He was an unpretentious man in his forties, dressed in casual clothing.
    • One lesson he has learnt from his family's wine business is the importance of the unpretentious Two Paddocks name.
    • What audiences also got was a sense of Chomsky the person, who seemed entirely unpretentious and approachable on film.
    • From the outside, the building in which the World Economic Forum is being held appears unpretentious with its naked grey bricks.
    • Welcome to Wine Country Yacht Charters, Napa County's most unpretentious place to relax and drink wine.
    • But Streep is direct, laid-back but alert, and thoroughly unpretentious.
    • It's a happy, noisy, unpretentious place to eat, where you'll feel equally at home with your mates from uni or your mum and dad on a family night out.
    • Winner was also impressed with the unpretentious surroundings and the friendly atmosphere.
    • We stayed here for dinner and went to a friendly, unpretentious restaurant and I had a really tasty beetroot, feta and Romescu salad and Mussels with homemade chips.
    • The food on our most recent visit was what we've come to expect - hot, unpretentious and well-made if a bit slapdash, as befits a café.