Translation of unprotected in Spanish:


sin protección, adj.

Pronunciation /ˌənprəˈtɛktəd//ʌnprəˈtɛktɪd/


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    sin protección
    their faces were unprotected llevaban la cara sin proteger / sin protección
    • it would leave the country unprotected in time of war dejaría al país indefenso / desprotegido / sin protección en tiempo de guerra
    • Don't take it for granted that an overcast day is safe for your skin; UV light can penetrate clouds and harm unprotected skin.
    • Anger is her only emotional resource in conflict and it leaves her totally unprotected against other people and herself most of all.
    • Because most of the U.S. population is considered unprotected against the disease, there is debate over whether smallpox vaccination should resume.
    • Many were built in an era when mindless damage was not a problem, and are therefore unprotected against it.
    • After reading that, I feel they are deliberately undermining and allowing our soldiers to be relatively unprotected and directly in harm's way.
    • Little Rachel Hamatundu was raped and slaughtered by monsters - a little girl, unprotected and helpless.
    • While they are known for moisturizing dry skin and fighting wrinkles, AHAs can remove your skin's natural oils, leaving it unprotected against the sun and wind.
    • It is thought that individuals taking this vaccine might increase their high-risk activities and be unprotected against HIV.
    • It would have been reckless to leave itself and its potential client COO unprotected against this kind of motion.
    • It won't now have a roof, leaving swimmers and spectators unprotected against the weather.
    • Nearly half the homes here have been levelled leaving survivors unprotected against the soaring heat of the day and near-freezing mountain temperatures at night.
    • Your home is currently unprotected against fire, flood, storm or theft by MBNA Home Insurance.
    • The scare came amid claims the two clinics had followed faulty immunisation procedures which could leave children unprotected against the diseases.
    • The same fears that the combined MMR jab could be linked to autism led to many children remaining unprotected against deadly diseases.
    • The elves were unarmed and unprotected against the men, who appeared to bear the battle marks that the men of Orslic had worn during the War of Boundaries.
    • It had begun to rain again as the two stood, unprotected against the beatings of weather; the rain drenched their clothes as the wind howled about them.
    • The extension of the arms often leaves the face and head unprotected against secondary strikes.
    • Necessarily, it would sometimes leave persons unprotected whose injuries arose out of the use of a motor vehicle who would have been protected by the Act in its earlier form.
    • Plants within four protected and four unprotected populations were significantly clumped based on Ripley's univariate analysis.
    • Sent forth to ferret out the shadowy terrorists, U.S. troops would go woefully unprotected against biological weapons.