Translation of unpublished in Spanish:


inédito, adj.

Pronunciation /ˌənˈpəblɪʃt//ʌnˈpʌblɪʃt/


  • 1

    (information/diary/manuscript) inédito
    (diary/manuscript/information) no publicado
    an unpublished poet un poeta que aún no ha (sido) publicado
    • Eventually he ascertained that most of the music was unpublished and still awaiting public discovery.
    • This latest collection, which brings a host of unpublished poems into the public domain, is the perfect marriage of old and new.
    • Unlike her more famous brother Felix, much of her music is unpublished, yet her output was extensive.
    • The result of her research is a new biography, Perdita: The Life of Mary Robinson, which includes much unpublished material.
    • The elimination of Scots from unpublished writings like local records took some decades longer.
    • He has completed a book of boyhood memoirs and a handbook on creative writing, both unpublished.
    • I have several unpublished pieces, but they need extensive editing and rewriting.
    • Among the several unpublished pieces that are found among Baraka's manuscripts there is much of interest.
    • We considered all published and unpublished material, with no restrictions on date or language.
    • She was a strong writer but her works were private and unpublished, and, therefore, invisible to the public.
    • Each has a library of scores and sound recordings of published and unpublished music supplied by the composers for other musicians' use.
    • He shared his secret, the unpublished collection of photographs, with the people at Waverley Care.
    • As well as the music, he has an unpublished novel under the bed and pens short stories in what presumably little spare time he has.
    • Much of the collection is unique unpublished material which underpins music performance and research in Australia.
    • His treatise on calendar reform is also lost as is about half of a posthumous compilation of his unpublished writings.
    • While going through such varied sources, it is a great joy when one finds an autobiography or a biography or an unpublished piece of writing.
    • Finding a forgotten notebook at the back of a drawer and realising it is a selection of unpublished pieces written by Virginia Woolf, is to most of us the stuff of dreams.
    • The songs are original and unpublished pieces based around the theme of the Jubilee.
    • For this part, she has traced an astonishing abundance of literature and unpublished archival material.
    • In some, only nominations and no awards - a surprise, not a single piece of unpublished creative work won a prize.