Translation of unreal in Spanish:


irreal, adj.

Pronunciation /ʌnˈrɪəl//ˌənˈri(ə)l/


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    the plot is so unreal el argumento es tan inverosímil
    • what a party! unreal! ¡qué fiesta! ¡fue algo increíble!
    • More recent comments have drifted in the direction of the threat to social partnership being created by unreal pay expectations.
    • Now we demand that our celebrities shoulder that burden, saddling them with our hopes and the heavy weight of our often unreal expectations.
    • "Of course, that denotes a very passionate nature, but one with unreal expectations of love.
    • She felt it immediately; an unreal sensation, as though the ground had dropped from beneath her.
    • By proclaiming that mothers are the best option for the children in every case, they are set up for unreal expectations.
    • ‘We work because we never had unreal expectations of what the band was supposed to be doing,’ says MacArthur.
    • ‘It was unreal, absolutely terrifying,’ she says.
    • Part of the problem with the parliament is, as commentator Iain McWhirter says, naive idealism and, after a 300-year break, unreal expectations.
    • Significantly, none of the reviews which complain of the film's complexity argue that the construction of the story is somehow unbelievable or unreal.
    • Kids started to mosh and for a moment I thought this was unreal.
    • Like so many young families juggling workplace demands, family commitments, unreal housing prices and rising home loan interest rates, the income she earned was welcome.
    • What worries me about the way this modest and thoughtful policy has been rolled out is the unreal expectations invested in it by politicians, and the ideological message in which it is wrapped.
    • ‘He's so brave it's unreal,’ explained his mum, Heather.
    • Rushed consultation and planning inevitably lead to unreal expectations, delays in implementation, and failure to deliver planned benefits.
    • And Krissi is the perfect solution for people like me, who have unreal expectations about their capabilities.
    • And of course, it would be unreal to expect ‘real women’ willing to be featured in their bras and undies on billboards!
    • I mean, it is a little bit unreal if we have to pretend that family support is not a factor in these matters.
    • The speed and strength of their attacks was phenomenal and bordered on unreal.
    • ‘It was amazing when they called my name, I could hardly hear it, everyone was jumping out of the seats, it was unreal,’ she smiles.
    • The main problem is that most of the passion takes the form of rage - about the combination of ridiculous workload and unreal expectations.
    • As with Modern Maenad I found this incredibly written poorly with unreal, card board cut-out characters.
    • The result is the current dishonesty: an unreal discussion of danger that captivates the imagination of our population and most influential bodies and individuals.
    • The tension in the room was unreal, but each individual sat wondering why a meeting should be called.
    • Just to be there was unreal, but the stress was unbelievable.
    • She said for the 10th time since I'd told her my extraordinary news, ‘This is just unreal.’
    • ‘It would have been amazing to play there, completely unreal,’ added 25-year-old Bell.
    • We think that they may have had an unreal expectation of the impact of the intervention in primary care, perhaps reflecting the absence of primary care researchers in the study team.
    • This was partly because of the unreal expectations that had been built up beforehand, and to which we in the media undoubtedly contributed.
    • With Padmanabhan's keen sense of the telling detail in human situations, that theoretical world seems too unreal and far-fetched.
    • Reality can't compete with unreal expectations.
    • To think that it came from my dad's shop is just unreal.
    • Approaching them, from the distance was a peculiar small man who ran with unreal speed.
    • She was asked to come along and see her daughter receiving a First Aid Certificate and her surprise was unreal when she saw it was her party in full swing.
    • Jeremy said: ‘The amount of times we've read that we're Irish or out to save the world is unreal.’
    • The speeds and turns were unreal, it was amazing.