Translation of unrealistic in Spanish:


poco realista, adj.

Pronunciation /ˌənˌriəˈlɪstɪk//ˌʌnrɪəˈlɪstɪk/


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    (target/expectations/description) poco realista
    it's unrealistic to expect that no es realista esperar eso
    • After seven albums, it is unrealistic to expect Beck to keep reinventing himself.
    • It may be unrealistic to expect ministers to acknowledge any responsibility for system failures.
    • The above analysis is based on an unrealistic assumption of perfect knowledge of future treatments.
    • In a film which is filled with unrealistic elements it feels like a moment of realism.
    • Victor argues that Kyoto cannot work, nor can unrealistic regulations on emissions reduction.
    • At the same time, one cannot give in to unworthy and unrealistic demands.
    • Now Coun Montaut has condemned the plans as being totally unrealistic and devastating for everyone.
    • I suppose good parents strive for perfection, which is unrealistic and unnecessary.
    • The rest of the men told him he was unrealistic (which he also admitted was the case) and an idiot.
    • He said it was unrealistic to expect tempers not to flare, given the sporting history between the two schools.
    • To be fair, Miles was a genius and it is unrealistic to expect that sort of creative energy from anybody.
    • With an abundance of crises and challenges do we have unrealistic expectations of our corporate leaders?
    • But if we carry on as we are, it will be frittered away on grandiose schemes and unrealistic projects.
    • Many schemes promise unrealistic earnings and don't explain clearly what the work involves.
    • It is unrealistic to expect the country to have the amenities that urban areas have.
    • None of these proposals is revolutionary, and many may seem unrealistic and idealistic.
    • They display an unrealistic idealism and create a false sense of peace.
    • It can, admittedly, be hard to distinguish between being idealistic and being unrealistic.
    • Faced with such a vision, a standard reaction is to declare it unrealistic and utopian.
    • It would be unrealistic to expect too much from the mission, based on a ten-day visit.