Translation of unreasonable in Spanish:


poco razonable, adj.

Pronunciation /ʌnˈriːz(ə)nəb(ə)l//ˌənˈriz(ə)nəb(ə)l/


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    (attitude/conduct/person) poco razonable
    (person/attitude/conduct) irrazonable
    (price/demand) excesivo
    (price/demand) poco razonable
    you're being totally unreasonable tu actitud es muy poco razonable
    • her terms are not unreasonable sus condiciones son bastante razonables
    • it is unreasonable to expect so much es poco razonable esperar tanto
    • The second issue is whether the decision was irrational or Wednesbury unreasonable.
    • Many employers now have shareholders who are demanding very unreasonable rates of return.
    • It was held that the conduct of the Secretary of State was so unreasonable as to verge on the irrational and absurd.
    • Mrs Craven, 61, said she had not been unreasonable in refusing access so far.
    • He said industry guidelines indicated doctors who agreed to prepare a report must do so without unreasonable delay.
    • In contrast, an unreasonable delay will be a violation if it is due mainly to the actions of the state.
    • He explained that if he were to set unreasonable prices, people would simply shop elsewhere.
    • It excused irrational and unreasonable behaviour, allowed people to shirk their duties.
    • It is not just unreasonable to be biased in our own favour, it is also naïve.
    • Lee's demands for these payments were unreasonable and contrary to the contract.
    • Coun Sheila Bailey has also accused the council of being unreasonable.
    • They will need to be bold, and not a little brutal, even unreasonable in the short term, to break the log jam.
    • On the contrary, he suggests they often have unreasonable demands and are now taking the health service for granted.
    • Mr Trembath claimed it was unreasonable to charge for the privilege of mooring there, when it was only for a short period of time.
    • It is not unreasonable to give the defense the time they need to examine this evidence.
    • Of course, there are those that would be displeased no matter what he does secondary to their unreasonable bias.
    • He felt that the young men were being unreasonable and threatening.
    • This may not seem unreasonable until one discovers that Hope patients are taken elsewhere for this type of surgery.
    • That recommendation could not be dismissed, and was not attacked, as unreasonable or illogical.
    • In a strong defence of his position, he said that nobody had the right to say unreasonable things about him.
    • The relocation will not cause him undue hardship and nor is it unreasonable to expect him to relocate.
    • It is not to the point that the appellant was unco-operative or even unreasonable.
    • Historians have described Hooke as a difficult and unreasonable man but in many ways this is a harsh judgement.
    • I think asking Mr Peters to live by his own standard is not an unreasonable request.
    • There was nothing unreasonable about his request that the government should at least sound out the British.
    • Some citizens took the not unreasonable view that something had gone a bit askew if only naughty people were carrying arms.
    • It is not an unreasonable question from the community's point of view to ask again: to whom are you accountable?
    • Householders will only be prosecuted in extreme cases for using excessive unreasonable force.
    • They took up a disproportionate amount of teachers' time and caused unreasonable stress.
    • So you think that it's unreasonable for them to have come to that conclusion?
    • How else would I be able to argue that the only response that would be unreasonable would be atomic war…?
    • The couple were married for six years, but she is in the process of divorcing him on the grounds of unreasonable behaviour.
    • I ask to move it to another date - not an unreasonable request, I'd have thought.
    • Not only have the prices gone up but also some patrons believe they were ushered out at an unreasonable hour.
    • Either they buy too much, with the selfish aim of making themselves rich, or they sell too soon in an unreasonable panic.
    • There is no limit to the punishment except that it must not be unreasonable.
    • There's no-one in the mix who is likely to take an unreasonable stand.
    • We have to make sure we get it right and given the size of the contract it is not unreasonable.
    • I don't think it's unreasonable to ask the Government to test the confidence of the House.
    • It seems a tad unreasonable to sue your customer base and then expect them to buy poor quality music to fix the situation.