Translation of unreconstructed in Spanish:


recalcitrante, adj.

Pronunciation /ˌʌnriːkənˈstrʌktɪd//ˌənˌrikənˈstrəktəd/


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    (idealist/romantic/liberal) recalcitrante
    • When this dispute ends the government must take steps to ensure that it can never again be held to ransom by a militant, unreconstructed trade union.
    • Oh, it didn't keep them from voting Republican, usually in the national elections, but they lived and died registered, unreconstructed Democrats.
    • So while the issue is about economic envy and blame shifting, of which you write, and which I am enjoying reading, essentially it's far more a case of good old politically incorrect, unreconstructed racism.
    • The three oppositional voices are those of unreconstructed, demoralised males, ‘destabilised’ by the insecurities of their position.
    • But, contrary to the way outsiders love to categorise the unreconstructed left, they treated those who did not share their belief system with much good-humoured tolerance.
    • Every time a neo-con or old-time unreconstructed reactionary writes or speaks of left-wing media, it boggles my mind.
    • On the one hand, the study of Canada in the world - Canadian foreign policy studies - constitutes an unreconstructed nationalist project.
    • Like many on the left today, he is an unreconstructed materialist.
    • One of the last of the unreconstructed liberals in Congress, he relishes his role as a leading Senate voice for his party's core constituencies - the poor, the family farmer, the union worker.
    • It's no surprise that some unreconstructed critics of capitalism are looking smug.
    • A zealous Protestant, he was well disposed to investigate the prime targets of secret-police attention at the time: unreconstructed Catholics.
    • Is this just a cheap shot at unreconstructed public choice theory?
    • Terry remains an unreconstructed working-class man, revelling in the old macho drinking culture of the North East.
    • A man of powerful intellect and great energy, Casey was an unreconstructed Cold Warrior with a penchant for action and a fascination with covert operations.
    • Two, he is an unreconstructed leftie attempting to hoodwink those in favour of reform by talking their language without actually acting on it.
    • As he ponders his native state, ruined and under federal occupation, Lee expresses some of the concerns of the unreconstructed agrarian poet seventy years later.
    • This Government is a bunch of unreconstructed socialists.
    • By that stage the member had moved from reasoned debate and the National Party research unit's speech notes through to pure, unreconstructed ideology.
    • The approval is predictable, as is the use of the success of an unreconstructed social conservative to deride UK politicians for their refusal to enter the debate.
    • He is an unreconstructed Eurosceptic, unlike others in the British Labour party.